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by Mrvm2
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Hi fellow warriors,

I am new to this forum but reading so far its a great place to be.

Is anyone out there lucky enough to travel the world as their own boss ?

I travel with my family with a laptop only , just use wifi as i go but am just wondering what like minded people do, where do you travel and do you enjoy the freedom you get from it ?

Looking forward to all your replies.

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    Hi G,

    Other than a few all expense paid "vacations" in the Middle East.
    I'm currently sitting on the beach in Perth Australia....Internet connection is a little slower....but so is life.

    No complaints

    To Your Success
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    That's one of the things I love most about online business's.

    Depending on how you set it up - you have the free time to travel the world and work from your laptop, it's incredible!

    I'll be traveling to Dubai, Thailand, California and Vegas in 2015 myself :-)

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    Travelling as my own boss is one of the loveliest aspects of working as an online business. I have enjoyed trip around my country, every provinces, every corners... and am having plans to visit somewhere abroad next year.

    Enjoy the freedom, ofcourse. However, what I enjoy the best is to meet lots of people
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    that's a dream that didn't came true yet

    here is a recommendation for people who want to learn about this type of lifestyle

    read the book "life nomadic" by tynan

    its worth it
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