Real Estate just went through the roof

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Just recently Google released its free real estate sales and renting platform using google base and google maps.

There is a lot of opportunities for some savy marketers.

Selling or renting a property using Goole Maps | The Internet Marketers Club

What are your thoughts?

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    Great idea! Question: Is this only in Australia? What about the United States?
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    Wow,...if this hits the US,...there will be plenty of opportunities and money to be made. Waiting on the feedback for availability in the US. Of course, you would have to be savy....
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    I believe that the UK will be next too, I am in th real estate business and think there is a huge opportunity. How have the tests gone in Australia - has anyone had any practical experience using this?
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    Australia's real estate market wasn't hit as badly as other countries in the world, so maybe Google will trial it here in a smaller market.
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      From what I understand, you could actually design your own Google map and put your listings on it. Not 100% sure exactly how but it should work. Any thoughts?
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    Yes, I heard and read about this last week.
    If memory serves me right, this started in the US first, and then came to Australia.
    The nuggets are in extended "value-add" services to the real estate segment!
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    I just entered texas into the search and a whole lot of properties for sale came up. It maybe not released yet but it is active.

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    I guess all I can do for wait till it comes to US. If there was a better way to do things than I guess this would be the way.
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      is basically the same thing
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    This might help the lagging real estate market here in the States.

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