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Someone I know here walked away from his internet business for 7 months, took a vacation and still made 300 bucks a day.

After years of slugging it out at their crappy jobs for years, every noob here wants and needs that asap, a six month vacation, well at least I speak for myself for all you workaholics out there.

Basically, I'll say two ways I know of setting a business up online that will do just that.

-Building blogs and websites that covert clickbank, CPA and refferal, etc, that get search traffic, social networking traffic and other what else have you, such as software creation and submissions

-creating your own product in a sustainable market and get a lot of affiliates.

As always, it's never simple, pure action, thats simple right!

But if you're willing to tell, what's your say on long term autopilot ideas for noobs
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    I think the methods you mention will work just fine.

    But being realistic to have a business you can walk away from you're going to need some kind of staff support (even if it's outsourced).

    Ultimately you'll need someone to handle your help desk and check to make sure things are still running smoothly while you're sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere for 6 months.

    I also think you're far more likely to have a business that keeps expanding fast if you look for a slightly more realistic vacation period....say one month off in every 3.

    That gives you a chance to come back and pump your business hard, stay connected to your niche markets and stay innovative.

    The only enduring business is the business of change and you should never expect that any business will grow indefinitely without some kind of intelligent input to keep it growing.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      For me there re these two streams that you have just talked about. but eve more important is PPC.... which you can basically set and forget... especially in non IM niches.

      IMO.. nothing is on autopilot just with the power of internet, somebody has to be working on it. Whether it is people that you hire or outsource the tasks to, or it is the affiliates and JV partners that you might recruit... someone has got to do the work.

      Key to automation is to create deals that are lucrative enough for these people to think about maximizing sales and hence massively building up your profits while you sleep away to glory.
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        Take a look at product selection as well. Everything you mentioned could be used to promote products like memberships with recurring income streams. Look for Multi tier programs for extra leverage. Promoting these types of things
        may not be automated per se, but it can start to become a hands off income.

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          Originally Posted by Tenzo View Post

          Take a look at product selection as well. Everything you mentioned could be used to promote products like memberships with recurring income streams. Look for Multi tier programs for extra leverage. Promoting these types of things
          may not be automated per se, but it can start to become a hands off income.


          Totally agree

          Ive still got two companies that send me checks for around $100 each per month

          from just one experiment I made close to 6 years ago..

          these customers must love that product as theybe been paying for it and me all this time..

          I smile every time I get these checks in the mail, I obviously have others aswell. though these ones just keep coming from 1 hour work a long time ago..

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            If you're good at setting up different online ventures you certainly could create something very close to "set and forget" businesses by joint venturing with someone who's really good at maintaining and keeping online businesses growing once they're set up.

            To put it another way...when you look for a joint venture partner look for someone who has complimentary strengths.

            You might be great at short bursts of sustained effort.

            They might be great at plodding along long term.

            You put in huge effort up front then go on vacation while they run the businesses you've set up.

            Kindest regards,
            Andrew Cavanagh
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              there's a radio talk show guy called Dave Ramsey... I'm no a regular listener, but I do like one thing he says...

              "Work like no body else, so one day you can LIVE like no body else"

              basically he's saying put the pedal to the medal and gain enough inertia to get things rolling, then when you do (and it might take some time), then you can coast a bit.

              But I have to agree, nothing feels so good as having money come in when I'm not even here or online.... BEAUTIFUL...
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                  Automation is the key to running multiple online businesses - and almost anything can be automated if researched and good planning is used.
                  BIG Mike, you are absolutely right! Automation should be the eventual outcome all internet marketers must work towards to. =) I am working on towards outsourcing some of my tasks to others too. Part of the commitment for myself.

                  I suggest we can read Tim Ferris' 4 Hours Work Week to know about D.E.A.L
                  Definition, Elimination, Automation and Liberation

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                  Membership and reocurring income are the hands off businesses to develop, most forms of affiliate sales are the way to go, it's in generating those sales that takes the time, so when marketing you need to develop residual marketing techniques, articles etc.
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