To FreeLance Or Not Freelance Thats My ?$$$? Question.

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I am currently thinking about trying to get a freelancer to make a single page where i can promote all of my 9 products. Time is becoming less and less for advertising due to a new arrival here.
I have never done this before and need some advice, i have looked around various outsource sites but iam confused. Has any warriors used this kind of service before? How do you know what kind of money it will take etc and is there a "BEST" Freelance site?

So fellow warriors help me make up my mind.

Grateful as always

Gavin McDonald
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    The best Freelancing site depends on what you want. Elance is full of great people. GetAFreelancer has more IM related people on, the digitalpoint forums are full of cheap services you can use.

    Look at those 3 and you will find something I am sure.

    All the best

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