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Any thoughts on this network? Do they pay on time?
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    I've been using them for a couple of years. No problems at all.

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    One of the main marketers that I've been talking with and trying to learn from, uses them as one of his main networks and earns a great deal with them too. He says he has used them and Maxbounty for about 3 years as well.
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      I have only used them for about 12 months but they have never missed a beat. Also helps that the merchants that I have used there have all turned out to be great, maybe I have just been lucky or maybe Shareasale scrutinize the merchants well before they allow them in - not sure. I can only speak well of Shareasale.
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    The guy I referred to says they are "tough cookies" to get in with. By that I would assume they do an in depth check on their merchants before taking them on. I've heard horror stories of other companies that didn't do that.
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      I have never had problem with them. Right on time and good service. No problems whatsoever.

      THey have my recommendations.
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        Off topic somewhat but I haven't heard that phrase in a very long time. My grandfather had a similar quote painted on his barn fencing. Nice signature!
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    I have used Shareasale as both merchant and affiliate and there had no problems at all. As far as merchants are concerned, it is actually much easier to get into Shareasale than CJ or LinkShare. Since merchants with Shareasale tend to be small, there is a problem with the merchant turnover rate. If you are using PPC, you will have to watch over things carefully. Merchants who have auto-refill enabled for their accounts would be more reliable.

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    Yes, I have used them and get sales and payments on time. I even found a cj merchant I am with on shareasale with a higher pay out. Maybe they are charged less so can give more to affiliates.

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