What to do when company won't pay affiliate?

by Geshem 10 replies
Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this.

I have two payments more than a month overdue with a company that's paid regularly over the last several years. For the previous payment I waited several months and they only paid when I wrote and complained. Thinking it was a glitch, I continued to promote the product. Now I've again waited more than a month, I've written three times very politely asking what the problem is, and have not received any answers.

Needless to say, I could really use the money right now.

Honestly, I suspect it's a one-person company that's failing and the owner has simply decided not to pay affiliates in order to decrease costs. In any case, even if they do pay I'll certainly never promote their product again.

Any ideas?
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    Name names. Expose them for being a fraud on all
    the affiliate marketing forums. File complaints with
    the BetterBusinessBureau and their state Attorney
    General's office (if in the U.S.) and move on. Get
    busy making more money with a reputable firm.

    BTW, I'm sorry this happened to you
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      Investigate other suppliers or create the product yourself is possible. If one of my pipelines gets threatened I find a replacement.

      This happened to me about one year ago so I set up a 'backup' and the backup has produced a four figure a month profit stream ever since. The original one cam good and now I have both. Sometimes these things happen to make you look around and see what other opportunities exist.
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        Thanks for the replies,

        >>Name names. Expose them for being a fraud on all the affiliate marketing forums.

        I'm not really one to do that sort of thing, but I would hate to see other people join and then not get their payments. Also, It's just that they have paid regularly for about four years, so I hate to jump to conclusions. There might be some computer problem with my account, too. What's annoying is they don't respond and don't even have an autoresponder set up explaining that, say, their computers crashed, the manager is ill, gremlins have invaded the main office, etc.

        For what it's worth, the company is Landscaping Ideas - 4,287 Landscaping Pictures Again, though, maybe it's just my account.

        >>I'm sorry this happened to you
        Me too. :-)

        >>Investigate other suppliers or create the product yourself is possible.
        I definately will. This company is no longer worth the trouble.
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          Good luck!


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            hey Gesham

            Putting that link in the above post might cause you more drama than you need mate..

            that will show up in their server logs..

            best to pull it I reckon

            maybe there was a glitch.. but after they see this post.. it could be a glitch forver..

            just a thought

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              James, thanks. :-)

              I see your point, but I'd rather lose the payment than see someone else join up and also not get paid.

              As far as legality, I don't think this can be defined as slander. What I'm saying is true and I'm still trying to give them them benefit of the doubt that maybe the owner has fallen seriously ill or maybe there's some computer error with my (and only my) account. As I said, though, this isn't the first time they've been over a month late. If it was a glitch, why didn't they correct it the first time? They've had four months.

              Anyway, I'd like to have the money to cover some expenses I have right now. After about a week (once that expense has passed) I really couldn't care less whether they even send it.

              If they pay, I'll definately come back and edit the post.
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                1. Cease promoting that merchant. Promote another product.

                2. Chase money owed.

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                  I had a similar situation with a company that didn't pay, didn't respond to emails, etc. presumably with the idea that as I am based in South Africa I wouldn't do anything - and they were right, unfortunately.

                  But since then I only work through third party program managers like CJ, Shareasale and clickbank and in only exceptional circumstance will I join a private affiliate program

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                    Well, if you do send few time email and get no respond, then sorry to say that you got to leave. And you might tell other member regarding this issue in some other forum as reminder

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                      >>2. Chase money owed.
                      This is the part I'm wondering how to do. :-)

                      >>I had a similar situation with a company that didn't pay
                      Sad. I can't go knock on this company's door either, since they're in the UK.

                      >>And you might tell other member
                      Hmm. I suppose I could look for someone else who's promoting them as ask if they've been paid lately.

                      As for not promoting them anymore, I certainly won't be. When I get a few minutes, I'm taking all their links on my site. Sigh...

                      Thanks again for your replies.
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