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Hi Respected Warriors,

I hope and wish everyone is fine as well as earning well.

My question right now is to know about setting up a classified site. I am basically a web-developer and have hands-on experience in this field. I know how to set up a classified site or any other too. But my concern is, will CLASSIFIED ADS SITE will pay me off. How much minimum time will it take to be recognized by SE s and what should I do to promote it.

Thanks in advance to all of those are going to suggesting me with their expertise.

Thanks a lot.
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    Now I remember why I left here many years ago!
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    Your success will depend on what you do to promote the site. There are hundreds if not thousands of classified ad sites out there doing nothing more than collecting cyber dust.
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    I know in my area a local rental apt/home site would be better as I have noticed even though Kijiji is flooded with rentals people are still going into wanted section looking for Apts.Think there is a trust factor missing since recently ex tenants been advertising and collecting deposits.
    Also there are a lot of people looking for jobs so a good job board or reverse job board for job hunters to post their jobs wanted not a micro job website,just one for them to post for small fee.
    I'd pay for a good clutter free site on either subject above.
    Agree with previous post as a lot collecting dust have one local guy trying to unload one he's made for 1500 for Month's with content but can't sell.
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      No meaning to sound like a damper here but It's not that easy and any one who tells you otherwise has no clue about the reality of it.

      Yes I have had experience in this area. Think bout who you will be competing against? the average person just types in anything they was on google and dozens of online shops or classifieds will come up for them to choose from.

      Some of the competition have huge advertising revenue set aside to clobber any one.
      I'm not going to make this a long post but think more in terms of niches, hard to find items, if its dating classifieds you know "tall women seeking short men" etc. You got to hit a niche and then build from there long gone are the days where you can whack up a web site and make it a big name in its field. Not to say it cant be done but seriously it's not worth the time.

      Want to do classifieds site ? think in terms of mobile apps
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    My tip would be....


    Go out and get people locally to place ads for free. Get local business to promote the site in exchange for free banner ad space.

    Once it is going strong, then start charging businesses for the ad space but keep individual placed ads free.

    Just my thoughts.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Competition would be sky high and you need to be able to invest into getting traffic without expecting any financial returns for a while. It could be a long term project, but most definitely not one that can start making you money right away.
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    The main key here is start local.. Then expand from there.
    Classified Posting & Ad Management Expert
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    I think it may take approximately 6 months to get better ranking for your classified ad website on the search engine result page. The only way for earning money from this website is to promote this website in an effective way and to get high Page rank from Search engine. Because, mostly people use high PR classified websites for posting any information.
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    Hard this one as you are in a chicken and egg situation you won't get buyers without sellers and you won't get sellers without buyers.

    As previously mentioned looking at free adverts to start with is a great idea. As is growth hacking through social networking.

    For the site i would look to go like pinterest and allow people to make wishlists of items they want, intergrate a barcode reader and allow photos to be uploaded (and tagged) and you've got something between a social network and a classifield site.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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      Please share your idea about my question, thanks.
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    Another classified ads site? Yours had better be good coz it's just a lot of competition in this field. You must find a way to set yourself apart from your established competitors like Craigslist, BackPage, EbayClassifieds, Kijiji, USFreeAds and others. Maybe you should specialize in a particular niche classifieds site or something instead or trying to cover all categories. Perhaps this will take off better for you and become more profitable faster. I don't know.
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