The best seasonal events for info products

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I was listening to some audio training and the speaker mentioned that having in-built buying deadlines is a great thing. Roses for valentines day, ghost costumes for halloween, etc.

So it got me thinking about all the different seasonal events for online products... then a few minutes into it, I realised I should ask the warriors as I could only come up with a few.

Here is what I came up with... if you can think of more please add them

4th of July - BBQ recipe book
June - Guide to Summer Camps Vacancies
December 25 - Xmas Gift Ideas
February 14 - Flowers Online / Memorable Valentines Gifts
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    Hey Nicholas,

    Do you mean like a timetable for promotions, or do you mean creating info products for each season?

    Last year I created several info products for Christmas, because I was fed up with seeing the same stuff year after year.... and the fact I'm a writer meant I was able to do something about it.


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