Asking a client to go through your affiliate link to purchase software

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Is this bad business or is it generally okay to ask if they use your link when they suggest you to recommend something like tracking software?
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    I'm not 100% sure what you're asking but if you're asking if it's okay to have clients buy future products / services through your affiliate links, the answer is yes. But, you need to clarify that the link is your affiliate link before they buy. Always be forward with clients, and only suggest the service or product if it's necessary for their success.

    If you are polite and up front about it, surprisingly, many individuals will buy through your link if the rest of the training you had provided is top notch
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    Yes, of course it's fine, but like Jake said, always let people know that it's an affiliate link. You could also test having 2 links. A naked link and an affiliate link. Explain to your clients that you want them to buy the product because you believe it will help them.

    Having 2 links demonstrates that you're not just putting a link to the product because you want a commission. They have a choice. If they're clients who trust and respect you, they should have no problem using the affiliate link.

    As long as you truly believe the product will help them, you should never, ever... ever have a problem recommending it. It's your job to do so for your clients.
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    Sometimes clients actually ASK if you have an affiliate link that they can use
    to make the purchase. They are not afraid to benefit you if you are
    benefiting them.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Originally Posted by Sinistar View Post

    Is this bad business or is it generally okay to ask if they use your link when they suggest you to recommend something like tracking software?
    You can tell them that they'll get a discount by clicking this link and it's even better if what you say is true.

    Hostgator for example gives you a coupon that works with your affiliate link, and works like a charm.

    Hope this helps
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    Yes, it is perfectly fine as long as you are open about it. I sent newsletters with affiliate links and I tell my readers that if they buy through the links, it funds me to deliver more quality content.
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    It really depends how it's done. If I have paid you as a coach or mentor or something similar and you are then also trying to make some commissions off the tools you recommend to me, that does come across a little slimy (to me).

    But as for email lists and things like that, affiliate promotions are very normal. The idea is to get the point across that it is actually a tool you use yourself and not just recommending for the purpose of a commission.
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