How long should your phone script be?

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I am going to start calling local businesses this week about purchasing as space on my website...

How long should the phone script be? Right now my scrip is 1 1/2 pages long and 400 words...

Any tips?

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    I wouldn't focus on the length of the script so much as the content. You want to do some research online around the web for some templates or prewritten scripts. This kind of stuff already exists and people have high converting phone scripts pre written. Even if you end up paying for the templates, it may be worth it if they're converting scripts
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    However short or long enough to get the job done
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    Here is a decent high level format

    Best of Luck!
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    It should be very short. The whole purpose of engaging someone on the phone is to learn about THEIR problems. Majority of the conversation should be from them. You should be more like an interviewer in a news interview. You are just there to ask a couple of good questions that will leads to them giving you the information you need.
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    Ok great! Thanks for taking the time to respond..all good points of info!

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