The Correlation Between Success and Notoriety

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I know there is a connection between being successful in this business and being recognized, but what I'd like to know is "Is it possible to make 10,000 dollars a month being virtually unknown" Thanks.
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    Absolutely, and once you do that, you show others how you did it.. and then turn those thousands into millions

    Many marketers don't want the fame, they'd rather make the profits!
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  • Of course.

    You don't need affiliates. You don't need to do product launches. You don't even need to promote affiliate products. Not saying they can't help... but at the core... all that's needed is the ability to buy money at a discount.

    Build a responsive email list and sell your own products.

    - Declan
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    There are some marketers who have used pseudonyms and raked in
    millions. People fell in love with a made-up character but they were
    more interested in the VALUE of the product rather than the creator.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I know there is a connection between being successful in this business and being recognized
    No need for fame. Just make sure you get connected with the right people and you can go far.

    For me it's not about a relationship with subscribers as much as with the people who are creating the in-demand, high quality products.
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    My guess is there are way more people making big bucks behind the scenes than the very small number of marketers you see online.

    As mentioned above, many prefer to just do rather than teach because they make more money doing so.
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