You Should Keep BUYING More and More Products when Pursuing IM

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Okay I know this is against the grain here
The grain being that you need to put a Plan to Action and stick with it and QUIT buying more and more Products.

So I should really put my Title more in Context.

And I honestly do want to dispel the Myth that buying and buying products is ALWAYS a bad thing.

The fact is it is NOT !!

Now first of all let me clarify that I do not mean to keep buying NEW Products that show you NEW ideas of what to pursue in IM.( i.e shiny object syndrome.)

Nope, I am talking about establishing yourself in a specific Niche and establishing yourself with a particular, proven business model. And then after this you continue acquiring knowledge and educating yourself ( which means many times purchasing products) to enhance and improve your business for the long term.

All the highly successful Marketers do this.

So never cease in wanting to improve where you are at and never cease in wanting to further educate yourself so as to take your business to new heights

Many times this will require you to invest in your future by acquiring and buying new products to help you achieve this

I spend a certain portion of my time doing this. It is a never ending education that I will embrace indefinitely

So buy, buy , buy ( within the proper context of course)

And you will be good to go

- Robert Andrew
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    The constant endeavour for education and improving yourself should be a high priority for everyone. Not just in their IM lives but in their everyday personal life as well. We can never stop improving and anyone that thinks that will just get left behind as everyone else grows and learns and the world evolves.

    So I definitely agree that you should always try to better yourself in some way. Although definitely have to be careful because as you say you still don't want to fall into "shiny object syndrome".
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      Free information will only take you so far. I
      believe most of it is there but you really have to

      It's also about leveraging time. If I want to
      learn how to make $100 a day for example it's best
      to learn from someone already doing it. It would
      take a lot longer to learn this on my own.

      But then again, you need to be choosy. I know
      what you're saying about shiny object syndrome.
      At times I just learn as I need the info.

      And I also agree about the value of education. If
      I just learn one new thing I can implement from
      something I bought I'm happy.

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    I definately agree with this. If you don't buy products every now and then to learn new things, then you'll definately lose business, you simply can't learn everything on your own.

    Just think of it this way, if you buy 10 products and you find one method that adds another income stream to your business (or increases your current income streams), then it's well worthwhile.
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    I've never bought a single product from anyone. Just broke $126,000 revenue today for the year, closed out my first $30,000 month and am getting paid without having to drop threats.

    The secret is you need to have a system and then you need to arbitrage.
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    • Profile picture of the author The Niche Man
      Originally Posted by ZephyrIon View Post

      I've never bought a single product from anyone. Just broke $126,000 revenue today for the year, closed out my first $30,000 month and am getting paid without having to drop threats.
      I sense a learning moment hear. When you say you've "never" bought a single product from "anyone", please elaborate.

      You've never bought a book, tape, dvd, video, program, software, advice, consultation, discounted item? Nothing?

      Thanks for clarifying.
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        Originally Posted by The Niche Man View Post

        I sense a learning moment hear. When you say you've "never" bought a single product from "anyone", please elaborate.

        You've never bought a book, tape, dvd, video, program, software, advice, consultation, discounted item? Nothing?

        Thanks for clarifying.
        Probably not anything IM related and I can tell he didn't miss out on anything as I personally haven't learned a single thing from the dozens of WSO's I bought in the past.

        I did learn one thing though, how to setup solid sales funnels by just looking at how they did it, and the type of upsells they added to it. That's worth more then any word in the actual course they wrote.
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    I guess everyone's experience is different, but my experience so far is pushing me to conclude that buying new stuff just for buying sake has an undeniable level of excitement, but has brought me limited returns: jumping from one shiny object to the next without doing the work required did not got me very far, so I would tent to recommend (to myself at least!) much more self-discipline and focus in IMPLEMENTING if only one half of the stuff I already bought...
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    I agree, discrat. Wholeheartedly.

    With just one caveat.


    Invest when you know how.

    Example: I'm no software programmer. This is why I hire them. If I saw a terrific course on programming in whatever language, as good as that course might be, it would be wasted on me. I have no facility at all for programming software. If I dedicated 6 months of my life to a course, then maybe I'd pick up enough to dabble, but I wouldn't be playing to my strengths.

    How I Operate

    I run several online businesses. One of them sells information. Now, to be an information dealer, I haven't just jumped into the arena, nor have I entered it on a whim, and nor do I operate within it lightly. In order to be at the heart of an information dealership (no different, in essence, than dealing BMWs or expensive watches) I have to know as much information as possible.

    - I use my experience to optimize and develop new information;
    - I use my connections to acquire information;
    - I pay for information (every decent product and membership area available);
    - I go to conventions and network when I can;
    - I network online when I can;
    - I purchase all manner of software to improve and manage my operation;
    - I hire the best I can find.

    And, pretty much, I operated the same even before I entered this arena. If new software arrived on the market, and I thought it would help, I got it. Guys saying Long Tail Pro is nifty? Grabbed it. Someone mentions the War Room is worth it? Blammo, I'm in. Guy with coding abilities plonks on my radar. Hired.

    The more you know, the more useful software at your disposal, and the better the calibre of professionals in your circle, the better marketer you become.


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    Actually more information is generally what stops most beginners from getting started.

    There comes a time when you have to stop learning and start earning.

    Learning is ok if you already have an established business.
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      Information is valuable, but in all honesty I wouldn't buy it from this forum.

      I can't remember a single time when I had an Aha moment, 99 out of 100 things is rehashed crap, especially in my niche, SEO, heck I even heard that the great paid guide from Backlinko was mostly rehashed from his own blog posts that are free to read, but the same applies too many coaches and make money online WSO's where they explain how the whole process works, like we didn't know that already.

      Come on...

      I think there is plenty of valuable information available for free on the net, you just need to know who to follow and where to get it.

      One of my SEO reseller clients went to an SEO convention, his employer paid $5000,- for that, I heard him out when he came back and nothing new or revealing, just some guesses about social media from guest speakers and how important it is to differentiate from the rest by putting an identity behind your site.

      I did that with one site, bought a US phone number, took a random address (lot for sale) from the web (yeah sue me), created all the social accounts where I left all this information. That particular site is performing almost worst of all.

      I'm self taught with falling and standing up, I take nothing for granted unless I tried it myself, it's a bumpy road but it's the best way to learn. No one ever suggested to do things like I do it now, no idea how it will work out, but I bet quite good and if not we go back to the drawing table.
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    Consistent education and motivation are critical to entrepreneurs.
    But even more important is taking ACTION.

    There is tons of incredible information that is sold every single day and nothing is done with it.

    For me I like to find one new piece of training or education and implement it fully until I am comfortable with it and use it regularly. Then I buy the next piece

    It stops the feeling of being overwhelmed.
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      Originally Posted by DelilahTaylor View Post

      For me I like to find one new piece of training or education and implement it fully until I am comfortable with it and use it regularly. Then I buy the next piece

      It stops the feeling of being overwhelmed.
      This is a great strategy imo
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    I will buy a product if it truly enhances my business. I have bought some helpful products that were worth every penny I paid for them (even if sometimes it cost me a lot of pennies).
    But I always did due diligence before buying anything.

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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    Yeah continuous learning is important to stay relevant in the IM space and maintain success. I don't buy as much products as I used to, but if I see a product that is relevant to a specific element in my business, I may invest in the product to see if I can get a golden nugget or two out of it.
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    I keep track of what I purchase, I certainly buy a lot of PLR for my websites which I get re-written and also PLR which I re-purpose for List-building.

    Other WSO's that were teaching a method of some description I purchased 3 all under $10 in the last couple of months, all had plenty of hype... I won't mention the rubbish but the only decent one was Lee Murray's - From the Top, good solid advice especially for those at a level where they know a bit but haven't really implemented it.

    In my mind the right knowledge + the right action = Results...but you also need to separate the Wheat from the Chaff.
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    Buy only what you are working on now. The other stuff will be there later and things change too. If you won't need and use it in 30 days, don't buy.
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  • I definitely believe that at some point you need to start selling things instead of buying things. However, once you start creating an income for yourself, I definitely think it is beneficial to buy products and keep yourself current in your niche.

    So, i think both lines of thought have some merit.

    Craigslist Posting Expert! Best Value and Service on the Web!

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    I believe in putting a percentage of your earnings aside for education but what i don't suggest is keep buying things and not taking action.
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    I don't tend to buy many products of the informational kind, but I do tend to buy a lot of software/plugins for my internet business.

    As long as I can afford these things, and as long as they add value and help me achieve something, then I have no problem spending more money on more products.

    But the key is this: I make more money online than I spend on products for my online business. :-)
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    I recommend getting coaching! It's much faster
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