Does Anyone Think This Is A Good Idea?

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You can see from my signature that I'm in the careers niche and although I don't really do 'internet marketing' I do pick up so many brilliant ideas from this forum.

Because I'm getting busier with writing CVs it seems that there might be some future in putting together a pack of information to help other people who enjoy writing, to start a CV or resume writing business and earn some money from an in-demand product.

I do write lots of articles about writing resumes and CVs with information on layout and what to include, and I've got loads of samples that I could put together into a CV writing business start-up manual to give someone a great start. I've already created an ebook called the 'Ultimate Resume Writing Guide' which sells on CB for 12GBP so it's only a small step beyond that.

With the way the jobs market is now, I think the careers niche is just bursting with opportunity.

Does anyone think this might be a good idea or should I just carry on writing them myself?
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    Take a look at the people with whom you'll
    be competing and you may get an answer
    to your question..
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      Thanks John

      What a long sales message for such a simple idea! gets me wondering...

      Interesting though when I Googled "start a resume writing business" there are only 219 matches so Its either something to forget or a whole untapped niche.
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    There are at least a couple of books on Amazon about how to start a resume writing business so there is likely a market. I'd caution you about putting your good ideas here. They could quickly become a competing product.
    "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
    Tom Peters

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    Originally Posted by petereff View Post

    Does anyone think this might be a good idea or should I just carry on writing them myself?
    I think it's worth a punt. I can also see ebooks, CDs or whatever you produce becoming useful tools in terms of bringing in new clients (i.e. people read the ebook and decide they'd rather have you do it for them). If I were in your shoes, I'd create (or alter) the ebook so it lets your readers know this is possible, and provides them with the means to request it.

    I also recommend you get a Delicious page (or similar) and use it to coordinate all your online content. Over time it may help promote your content, but is also useful for you personally as you have ready access to all your articles.

    You're also now probably a leading expert at creating CVs. It's time to start issuing press releases and get yourself better known. Seek out opportunities to start giving public talks, and raise your profile (I assume you're in the UK based on the GBP - there are numerous ways to do this - especially if you're in London). You may even be surprised at how quickly it changes from you seeking opportunities, to you trying to figure out which ones to take advantage of.

    Once you're known, you can approach (or will be approached by) agencies that want to employ you to write CVs for their client. The better known you are, the higher the net worth of client, and the more you can charge.

    This activity, a body of relevant published content, and a fan base make you a candidate for a publishing company. Once you have a 'proper' book, you're well on the way to being a recognised world expert.

    Keep building your speciality. Keep promoting yourself as a specialist in this area. With a bit of luck and effort, you could end up being a media consultant - charging TV channels for the benefit of your advice (think shows such as The One Show). You may even secure an all-expenses trip to a very nice destination as a key-note speaker.

    In the meantime (back in the current world), if it's not already clear, my answer is YES. Go for it! And all the best.

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    it really depends on you. you can get some advice but it's really up to you
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    IN my opinion, i think you should give it a try. Unless you do so, that's the only time you'll see the result. Good luck.


    Great idea you got there.
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    Give it a try!

    There's no harm right? What's more, since you are already a professional at it and it's your interest, the time spent is cut in half. Just give a little bit of effort and you can monetise your interest at the same time.

    Go for it!
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      Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement. I think I'll give it a go, it seems well worth the effort and when its ready I'll put up some review copies on this forum, because you warriors are the best!

      Even if I set myself up for some competition I'm sure there is more than enough to go around.

      Or perhaps I could do some mentoring?
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    Seems like a good niche to tap into. Instead of creating your own product first, why not start of by selling other's product in the same niche and do some market research at the same time?
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