30 days of kicking butt

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I have a fulltime job and am a newly wed (April) so never devoted more than 2 hours each day to IM, usually much less though.

I decided to set a schedule for myself and stuck to it for 30 days and kicked butt! Not as much as some make but I'm really happy with the results. In 30 days of making sure I spend time working on it I've made $1,129 and change.

Yay :-D

Now I need to keep it going
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    way to go! Keep going and I bet your efforts will begin to compound.
    Isn't amazing when you sit down and focus how much you can get accomplished?

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      Well done!

      The key here is you set yourself a goal and took action.

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        Very nice and congrats... there are many here who only wish they had your "work ethic". When I was a kid my dad used to tell me that it's not how fast you drive, but the consistency of the time you're on the road. True then, true now.

        We all get discouraged at times and walk through the shadows of life; the trick is to keep your eye on the light (or goal you've set) and keep on walking.

        You're proof it works, keep it up.

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          Awesome job!

          I'm sure I don't speak just for myself when I say I'm curious as to what method you used? We'd all like to know the 'guaranteed method', even though it's never guaranteed. =P

          Congrats again!

          Mad Dawg
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            Congrats Rwilt!!!

            Keep it up.

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              Hey that's great!

              but wait, what method/technique/niche are you into?
              How were you able to market it?
              Did you do some traffic generation techniques?
              Was it a WSO offer?

              Your links aren't working, its why I had to ask.

              I also did a 30 days challenge to myself and made Nada! though It was before I joined WF.

              I found WF 1 day after my 30 days work ended :-(
              Now, Im starting again, more focused.

              Congratz..and a reply will be nice :-)
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                The methods I used are mostly free, the two things I paid for were submityourarticle and a solo ad in a ezine that is in my niche.

                -set up a free blog
                -fill it with keyword rich content, no all out product pitches
                -post relevant content about a product (with affiliate link for them to get more info)
                -I wrote 50+ articles on the niche, submitted them through submityourarticle throughout the month
                -paid for a solo ad in an ezine in the niche

                The sites in my signature are a PIPS site (not what made me the $$$ in the past 30 days) and my voiceover venture that makes some money, but whats above are the steps I used to make the 1,129.

                Any other questions I'd be glad to help! I'm no guru though, I've been at this for only a few months now.
                http://www.WiltProductions.com Quality and affordable voice overs for your needs.
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