Alternative to $7 Secret Scripts?

by Ghalt 20 replies
I've been using the $7 Secret Scripts for several of my sites.

What I like about it is: 1) it is easy to setup and configure, 2) it was cheap, 3) I like the fact that people can become 'affiliates' of yours with nothing more than a paypal account address..

What I don't like is: I think it has a flaw in how it handles the affiliate payment, which prevents me from getting my payments. (It's supposed to alternate sales, when you configure it to 50%.) It's only in certain circumstances, depending on how the affiliate has their PayPal configured.

Anywho, I'm looking for an alternative script that:

- lets me sell my product from my page,
- lets other people refer to my page and receive a payment without having to join an affiliate program

Is there anything out there like that besides 7DSS?
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