Squidoo or MySpace...Your Opinion?

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I am working with a company on promotion. The goal is to drive traffic to their site but no sales are done from there.

So far we have a twitter, facebook, flickr and I have done a ton of article marketing plus ton of blog posting.

Next would you suggest some Squidoo lenses or a Myspace? Or something else?
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    Why not do both?

    You can set up a Myspace account quicker than you can a Squidoo one (or maybe that's just me ).

    But a Myspace account takes more maintenance in the long run. Just as far as keeping the human connections, anyway. Although I imagine the company's Facebook will be pulling the main weight of that.

    You can set up a Squidoo lens, do whatever it takes to get the three modules up, join some related interested groups, then come back every week for a bit of maintenance.

    You can set up the Myspace page more quickly than the Squidoo...but then come back every day or so and connect with new people or groups.

    Just my $.02

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    ...plus you can create multiple lenses on Squidoo, about the different aspects of your company.

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    Squidoo would be my preference for the reasons already stated.
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    I'm a big fan of Squidoo, definitley use it. Good luck!
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    its good for you if you use both Myspace and Squidoo but you have to work hard and smart...

    if you can then do some ....

    Social book marking
    press release
    video creation and promotion

    good luck
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    do both myspace and squidoo and dont forget the bookmarking it can really make a difference to your marketing campaign. I bookmark everything and get great results from it.

    Kind regards

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    My vote goes to Squidoo too and one can also add optin box in a lens to capture emails of the prospects.
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