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I have been working on my physical conditioning lately and using one of Becahbody's DVD workouts. I got it because I like how time efficient the approach is. What does this have to do with Internet marketing, you ask. I did some googling and looked into their online community. Voila, there is it, they are a network marketing company. People get a workout and join the online forum/community. You can get a personal online cheerleader/coach. The coach gets an affiliate income when the customer buys supplements, more workouts etc. That person sees this and wants some and becomes a coach creating a down stream residual income, and on it goes. I'm reading stories about most coaches making a little money, and some who apply themselves to the process over time making pretty reasonable money.

Looking at this, I'm not getting that "Eureka!" feeling, but I am getting the idea that this could well be worthwhile. Not likely The Thing, but not a thing to be ignored. It does look like a reasonable way to monetize a hobby. Monetizing something you already do is always a good place to start.

Any Warriors doing this? Please, tell me more.
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    Well if it is time efficient it's gotta be T25 because none of the other ones are time efficient.

    I looked into it at one point. (I've done P90X and Insanity) But the problem is that you have to buy in, and I think there is a monthly fee...just to be able to promote the products. I can find offers for the same products with better commissions on CPA networks...

    But if I was interested in the Network Marketing aspect of it...recruiting, etc. I would probably go the coaching route instead.
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    You would need look at the opportunity in detail to see how it will pay off for you- time vs reward. Certainly if you have a passion in the area that will help.

    Another thing that you can do is sell products to other coaches.

    Many will be big on fitness and training and enjoy the opportunity to make money doing what they love. But many will struggle with the business and marketing side of finding clients, finding recruits and maintaining their 'downline'.

    You can make good money with a series of products to help fitness professionals who need marketing help.

    Teach how to use a squeeze page to build a list and retain a warm market of contacts.
    Sell information products, squeeze-page and funnel templates, fitness "freebies" for incentives, etc.

    Teach how to use YouTube. YouTube is a great source of people looking for fitness info. How to create videos. How to rank for fitness keywords, how to send YouTube traffic to the squeeze-page or blog you want.

    facebook marketing is another lucrative place to find people looking for fitness help. Sell facebook fanpage courses, headers and templates, PPC course, etc.

    Basically anything you know about IM can be tailored to a fitness coach looking to find new clients and MLM partners.
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    I've had some friends do this. You can do okay as a Beachbody coach, but keep a few things in mind-

    - You don't have control over the products or marketing
    - Your commissions aren't recurring, unless they subscribe to supplements
    - You have a TON Of competition

    Network marketing obviously works, but it's pretty tough, you have a ton of competition and the fact that you have zero control over much of the system can be tough to swallow for some people
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    2 or 3 years ago you would be in a decent spot to do it but now it's saturated to the point where it's bad. I like some saturation in the market because it makes it easy to stand out if you know what you're doing but to specifically use beachbody coaching as a source of income, doesn't make much sense.

    To truly do decent with it now, you need to already have some sort of presence in the weight loss niche. To show how competitive it actually is, Pat Flynn failed at his attempt of beach body coaching... then again maybe the money just didn't justify the time.
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    Thanks for all the responses.

    I think I will join the team beachbody forum as a relaxation time net activity for the time being and see what I can see. It would make sense to me to become a coach if it looks like I can make some money, but not if it looks like I will lose money. bearing in mind, there are two reasons to do something like this. Sure, financial gain is one of them, but this isn't the sort of thing one is likely to make real money doing unless you are truly exceptional at it and at promoting yourself as such. The other reason, and the one that makes sense for more people who do it, is that it keeps your mind (and therefor your butt) in the game. People who have a coach often get more out of the courses because they stay engaged and have someone helping them to stay on task and stay involved. Coaching takes that up a notch. By being a coach you are pushing motivation and therefor being motivated yourself. It ties your own fitness goals to your self identity, and to financial goals. It's harder to "just take this month off" which turns into a year of not working out, if you are pitching the exercise lifestyle and products daily to your clients. "I'm doing ____program now, and last year I did the one you are considering now...." is part of the banter. Tying a financial motivator to fitness is powerful medicine for health and wealth.

    Anyway, I will look a bit more before I leap. I don't know what all the costs are, and therefor how much I'd have to sell monthly to even break even. Like all multi level marketing or network marketing schemes, the real money comes after you have put in the time to develop an down stream flow, and that takes time. I have to know what it will take to cover that time and be worthwhile financially. It has to be physically and fiscally healthy.

    BTW, drewfioravanti. Yes, I am doing T25 now, but they have made more of their programs more time efficient than they used to be. A number of years ago I did P90x and it was a huge time suck. An hour to an hour and a half a day, six days a week for four months (not "90 days") is a lot of time. Looking over their current offerings, the newest version of P90x and the current Insanity programs are closer to half hour workouts now. I think that "Too much time" was a widely made criticism of their product and they seem to have acted on that. While they still have some hour plus routines and programs, they have moved to brief and intense over long and paced. They still seem to get real, measurable results and they still have an outstanding reputation as The Company in the in-home exercise business.
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    Well...good luck to you. What you have going for you is a few things:

    1. You actually use the product.
    2. You believe in the product.
    3. It is a great product (I love all of their stuff...the workouts, never tried their nutrition products.
    4. It has a good reputation.
    5. It has positioning in the market.

    Here are some free marketing tips. I am actually putting together a FB marketing course. So, if you plan to do FB marketing this will work. (I am in the weight loss and fitness niche and do very well on FB)

    1. If you're trying to get people to exercise/lose weight, target people who like exercise/lose weight pages - it is much easier to sell something to someone that they actually want, are actively doing and have bought similar products in the past. It's much easier to get someone to try a new workout program than it is to convince someone they need to start working out. I'm sure, if you've done workout programs in the past, you're always looking for new ones. Well, you're not alone.

    2. If you're looking to bring other coaches on, don't use the be a coach angle, use the get paid to inspire others to change their life angle.

    3. Target people who already workout, as I said. Especially people who like Beachbody products. These are people who already like/use/want the products you are selling. Don't think they already bought/use it so they won't want it. Think they already bought/use this...and they want more.

    You can build a list very easily, quickly and inexpensively. (I can get clicks as low as $.01 and conversions (list sign ups) as low as $.03. The trick is to make your ad a "social event".

    Make it something that people will share, like, comment on and tag other people in.

    The best way to do it is to run page post ads in the newsfeed. And include a working link in the ad copy. (It's basically a promoted post. So write your ad like it is a post. Say "Click here -->")

    As for your giveaway, bribe, lead magnet...whatever you want to call it...

    1. Do not ask them to sign up to get a ebook. They don't want that.
    2. Dont ask them to sign up to watch a video. They don't want that.
    3. Dont ask them to sign up for tips. They don't want that.

    What worked best for me was to create a challenge. There are a few reasons this worked so well...

    1. People like to be challenged. They want to see if they can do it.
    2. People on FB are already doing and sharing challenges.
    3. People want to do challenges with each other...they share, tag, comment and like you ad.

    Think about that...people are sharing your advertisement with their friends. That is very powerful. It is essentially free advertising.

    Now, let's put this all together...

    I'd create two ads and build two for women and one for men.

    1. Target people who like beachbody, shaun t, tony horton, etc. (This way you know your message is going to the right people)
    2. Create a challenge...say "The 5 Day Burpee Challenge". Then, you create a simple PDF...The 5 Day Burpee Challenge. Day 1: How many burpees can you do in 3 minutes. And then go up from there. (I just made this up to give you an idea. Do whatever you want)
    3. In the ad, propose the challenge. The copy would go something like this:

    5 Day Burpee Challenge
    Sign up now for the 5 Day Burpee Challenge. Do you think you have what it takes to complete the 5 Days Challenge (You'd be surprised).

    Sign up now. Challenge your friends. Sign up here --> URL

    Leave a comment and let us know how many YOU can do

    Use a photo of someone in some position of a burpee.

    Then, you can introduce beachbody products and the coaching program in your emails. You already know the people are targeted, even though you didnt mention anything about Baeachbody in your ads, because of your ad targeting.

    Don't make your ad about the product. Your targeting takes care of that. Make your ad about them.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to Network Marketing. They say its annoying friend and family that bug and bug you till you join but the truth is many of us started using a product, found out it was mlm and thought well if i am doing it anyway... You started a journey you did not know existed. i wish you the best my friend. Fortunately for you you are in a good company to build with. Just run with it and make the most of it. Remember, there is no growth without resistance.
    keep in touch
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