Tips On Selling Advertising Space On A New Website

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Now I know what most people will say is you can't sell advertising space on a new website.. However with a good sales pitch, a good product and a will to succeed I know it is possible..

This is where I stand... I have a new website and last month was the first full month of promoting the site. We had 3.5k that month.... not too bad... Now I need to make some money...

I work on my site from home as my wife goes to work everyday... So things are a little "unfair" at the moment until I make some money...

What are the best tips or advice for my situation?

My site deals with Florida and the travel agency - so there is thousands of businesses that I could call to pitch them...

How do I "Get the sale" with a site that is brand new?


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    Offer them the first month/two months free. This will allow them to test the waters and see for themselves what results you can achieve for them.

    BTW: Travel agencies are going through extremely hard times at the moment and many are actually closing their doors. People (myself included), have grown into the habit of booking their own travel online. They get better prices without having to pay an agent's commission. Also, the airlines, cruise lines have been cutting the commissions they pay to agents for a number of years.
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    I's all about the numbers. You aren't going to close anyone with low numbers like that.

    Throw adsense up on your site and you'll make some money that way. No need to pitch anyone!
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    You could try writing tons and tons of mails to hotels, agencies and this sort of companies. Maybe some of them will want to advertise on your site. At first you should not expect big payments, since your site is so young. But this is the free method. There are other, paid ones: Adwords, banners, etc. Good luck!
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