YouTube Trick that Takes Views Through the Roof

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Hi Warriors

If you are using YouTube to drive traffic to your offers here is a feature that you if you are not already using you should be

Customized YouTube Thumbnails

I consider YouTube a search engine with a slight twist.

As well as needing to know how to get our videos ranked well by optimizing the title, description and tags we also want to ensure that once ranked people are clicking through and watching them.

The way to do this is by customizing your thumbnail with your own preferred image.
If you don't use this function YouTube will randomly select a still from your film as the Thumbnail. In most cases this is not an attractive option.

Remember when people search on YouTube they are presented with a list of Video Thumbnails and will scan quickly and click those with the most appeal. So by creating nice thumbnails we can boost our views quite significantly.

How To Verify Your YouTube Account
As Thumbnail Customization is only available on accounts that are 'Verified' let me show you how to do that.

Step 1 - Click on your profile image followed by the 'YouTube settings' button (the round spoked wheel).

Step 2 - This will immediately take you into the 'Overview' area of your 'Account Settings'. On this screen you click the 'View additional features link' (see image below).

Step 3 - Once on the 'Additional Features' screen you will see a 'Verify' button. Just click and follow the instructions. It really is that simple.

I have multiple channels on YouTube some with over 1M views and have been using this method for a couple of years very effectively.

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