WordPress Plug-in DOUBLES My Organic Hits and Get's Me Ranked at Google!

by Ouroboros 15 replies

I installed a plug-in on my Wordpress site about 36 hours ago and did nothing else to my site.

I was just checking my Analytics and my traffic was TWICE what it had been averaging! Is it a fluke? Maybe so, considering the time elapsed, but...

I went to google and checked to see if maybe my site was finally showing up for my keywords and I was 13th for my main keyword and 7th for the one I had been concentrating on (since I was getting a trickle of traffic from it).

Just a few days ago I was no where to be found on google for the main keyword. I haven't had time to submit any articles or links or add content, this plug-in is the only thing I've done.

Maybe its a coincidence, but if you don't have the All-in-One-Seo plugin on your WP site you need to install and configure it ASAP!

If you need help with it, post here or PM me and I'll try to help.

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