Warriors! Need some Kunaki help

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Have my product ready and on a CD...

Run Kunaki software... enter all my info...

It sees my CD fine with the files on it...

But when it starts to compile I get an "Unable to close tray" error...

There is nothing on Kunaki's site about this error...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!
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    I am no super techy, but I had the same thing happen to me, and I reburned my cd and made sure it had been closed before ejecting-- then reinserted, and then it took it. I am not sure any of that actually fixed whatever it was -- it just happened to work.
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  • I would definitely try a reburn.
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    make sure that whenever you burn the CDs that it is not burnt on a rewritable CD.

    You want the CD to close. If you look on the CD it will say something like CD R <-- that is what you want.

    If it says CD RW that is probably why you are getting the error.

    This is just a guess, so don't be upset if it doesn't work :-)
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      Still nothing... CD-R discs.... did a re-burn

      Same error!!

      Why is NOTHING easy???


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  • very odd. Not sure which cd burning program you are using but I have about 30 different kunaki products and have never experienced that error.

    What exactly are you doing when you get this error?

    Can you send a screen shot?

    Also the CD must be finalized before you can send it to kunaki. I personally use CD burner XP. Its a free software.
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      Originally Posted by Affiliate.Solutions View Post

      I personally use CD burner XP. Its a free software.
      That worked!! Thanks!!

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  • Not a problem.
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    Thanks for this thread & tips - getting ready to soon use Kunaki for the first time.

    Traci Knoppe, OBM, Launch & Project Manager
    Your Web Tech Team

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  • Awesome. Listen I know it can be overwhelming but there are 2 things I can offer... first feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions. Second, consider getting a product delivery manager ( hint hint .. .look at my link). I have personally be automating my entire backend processing ( order processing, shipping, emailing customer) with the Ma'am software.

    I will be promoting a WSO very shortly. Just wrapping up some of the final details before I launch it. As always, I gladly provide a money back guarantee.
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