Sales page advice please - what's missing?

by Tony Hetherington 9 replies
Morning everyone,

I want to start some PPC but want to make sure the sales/landing page is as good as it can be first. I'd be grateful for any constructive comments and critiscism.



The sales/landing page is at www
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    Hi Tony,

    I am not sure if I am missing something here?

    But you're link redirects to a Google search?

    It's not clickable, I had to copy and paste it into my web browser,
    and then a Google search for the term "www"

    Warm Regards,
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      I think the link should be:

      Get Free Traffic For Life With Ballistic Blogging

      I'm just checking it out now

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        The proof element is missing as well as the testimonials. You need both on a sales page.
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        • notes down more proof and testimonials - thanks lavidaloca
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            Hi Tony

            I think I'm right in saying you didn't just want us to tell you "What's missing?" right?

            Firstly, Disclaimer. I am neither a web or graphic designer. I don't make huge amounts in IM. I am just an everyday would-be punter who might or might not buy from you. Take these criticisms with that in mind.


            Generally a nice looking site - not offensive, but hardly eye catching.

            I'm not grabbed by your headline. Get Free Traffic For Life is great, but why waste precious headline copy with your product name? I think this needs expanding on with benefits and your USP. Can I do it? Do you make it easy for me to learn? Why is getting free traffic so good? If I can get traffic for free, how many $$$$ will you be saving me? You know how specifics, especially $$ specifics grab the attention and give credibility.

            The typeface you use for your fist testimonial is not very legible. Just by highlighting it I thinks it loses some impact.

            I can't read the product shot graphic. (There's another graphic later that's not too good either)

            I 'm not keen on slagging off the competition, (Other blogging products...) but if you must, then use a different typeface. If you want a handwriting one there's some free ones about that look good. Failing that, write it down, scan it and use the image - much more effective.

            Further down, below your photo, there's some text centring issue going on - made me lean over to the right without me realising !! (Some hypnotic technique going on there?)

            I think when you've used bullet points it all looks a bit cramped. I think increasing the line spacing would make them clearer to read and more impactful.

            I liked your call to action, but although you mentioned your guarantee a number of times, I don't think you've made the most of it, especially when it's first mentioned.

            Just a few initial thoughts, Tony. And again, simply my opinion.

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              What's missing?

              A squeeze page to capture names and an autoresponder series of emails to followup with.

              If you going to do it may as well do it right. Right?


              p.s. oops! I see you have an optin box down by your order button. I would make a squeeze page for them to see first and catch their names before you send them to the sales page.

              Most people who are not interested in your offer will click out way before they get down to that order button where your optin option is located. If you are going to have an opt in on your sales page I would put it up top front and center first thing they see when they come in.
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