Where should I start?

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I'm rather new to internet marketing and don't have a clue where to start.

I purchased a Teespring WSO a few days ago and have learned quite a few things although I'm not sure that that's what I want to do.

Maybe you could help by telling me where you started.

Thanks for your input!
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    What are you interested in, besides making money? Find the one thing you're the most passionate about, get a domain, install wordpress, find a good theme and install it.

    Write up some good content or have someone write it for you. If you have the option, ask your wife, gf, nieces, and/or friends who have kids in highschool or college to write for you. The wife or GF should do it for free just knowing the money you'll make will benefit her too. The others I mentioned would do it really cheap just to earn some extra money. I prefer getting people to write for me that I can keep in touch with in person.
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    There are many things you can do. Just explore Warrior forum, read about different ideas, startegies, try, fail, learn, as we all did. Eventually you will find what you are looking for.
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    The advice I usually give people starting off in IM is just to dive straight in. Stop buying learning material as everything can be read for free on the internet.

    Just because you've paid for an ebook, doesn't mean the information in it is accurate or in date at all.

    Getting a website straight away is the best way for you to learn and put into practice anything else you read. Please be aware also that the majority of information you find on IM is outdated. The industry has changed a lot since 2012, which changed a lot since 2010.

    I suggest you pick a niche you're interested in right now. A hobby or something. Get your domain and just jump straight in. There's no substitute for experience.

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    If you're a complete beginner I recommend creating YouTube videos where you review products in a certain niche. That will help you get better with SEO, keyword search, ranking videos, getting engagement, conversion, etc.

    That should give you valuable knowledge, and make you some money.

    After that, I highly recommend you start building an email list and start emailing to them.

    Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    I'm rather new to internet marketing and don't have a clue where to start.

    I purchased a Teespring WSO a few days ago and have learned quite a few things although I'm not sure that that's what I want to do.

    Maybe you could help by telling me where you started.

    Thanks for your input!
    Don't run after the money. Find something you are really interested in and strive to offer value - the money will come on its own. You can't just pick up a random WSO and expect to make bank with it just because someone else had success with that formula.

    Treat IM as a business (an not some hat trick) and it'll love you back with fat paychecks.
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    I'd say you need to get your name out there, I'm sure that you have something that you're really good at, demonstrate your expertise in that subject by offering a service here in the WF or other places.

    The most dangerous beliefs that someone who's new to IM is to think tha they can draw money out of thin air. That is not going to happen, Internet Marketing is a business and like other business you are either going to spend your time or money. That's going to be the truth no matter what. There is no push-button riches. You will need to invest in your business. Period.

    Ask yourself questions like:

    What skills do I have?
    Can I use it to supply the needs of others?
    Is there someone else out there who is already offering it?
    Are they successful?
    Why do you think they are successful?

    That's what I did when I first started. I used my skills to get the initial funds that I need to support my IM business. It's scary really when you see others that are better than you but trust me, we all have our piece of the pie.

    Just go out there and do a quick research and you will find a lot of ideas that you can make money from. This forum is a great place to educate yourself enough to have success in whatever it is that you decide to venture. Don't give up and never be discouraged.


    Vince Rivera
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    Hi kolbykskk,

    the right answer depends on your interests like a few above mentioned.

    Here are 3 Secrets which are important to understand if you start to build an online business:

    Secret #1: Many of the Offer you'll receive or you will see will do the same thing. They might even do the same thing in almost the same way. If you don’t have any prior experience of working online, you won’t be able to see this.

    Secret #2: The Price doesn't always reflect true value. You will see a lot of products which will promise you to make money online.

    Secret #3: One of the most important aspects of building an online business is not who teaches you, it is how you apply what you've learned. There are many people offering online training courses for internet marketing beginners. Pick one mentor, and stick with that mentor until you fully understand how internet marketing works.

    Apply these 3 Secrets when you build you online business and i am sure, you'll build a successful business - but you have to be patience - and don't search for short cuts, they won't work!

    Hope this helps you out
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    Here's the thing.

    Don't get too into anything... if that makes sense.

    Right now, you're green for the pickin'.

    Anything and everything is going to draw you in...
    ...and that's okay, as long as you end up sticking to one
    thing and concentrating your time and efforts on that one
    specific thing.

    In my opinion, spend your time studying salesmanship.

    ...it can go a long way.

    Hope this helps.

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    start will blogging and focus on building up a list.although this may sound time consuming. But in long run this will help you to trump over all other techniques
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    SEOmoz is thge best place to learn internet marketing.
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    I started my IM career from mere curiosity which degenerated into searching Google for money making ideas.

    Somewhere along the line I found SFI affiliate program which led me to this forum for tutorials and then coaching as well as mentor support. The mentorship was really an eye opener and an easy way to fast track success without having to make all the mistakes as a noob.

    If you want to be successful online it's going to start from YOU and taking constructive actions and also seeing it through. There would always be challenges which i take as an exciting part of learning and distinguishing myself from the noobs out there.
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    Create your own blog. Select a good niche for your blog and affiliate. Keep your contents original. Do some high PR guest post. Do some social media posting for more traffic, You also can buy traffic, Do some forum posting with your blog links and signature. Remember do not Spam to any media. YouTube videos also good source for traffic. To get help please check my signature, those will be more helpful for you and you also can start your affiliate from here. I think those will be helpful for you.
    Derrick M.

    If you want best free tutorials for Affiliate Marketing
    Check bellow links:
    To learn about best niches
    To learn about traffic and sell products
    To learn YouTube marketing

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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    I'm rather new to internet marketing and don't have a clue where to start.

    I purchased a Teespring WSO a few days ago and have learned quite a few things although I'm not sure that that's what I want to do.

    Maybe you could help by telling me where you started.

    Thanks for your input!
    I started taking paid surveys years ago, and it transitioned over to Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

    Like what has been said here already, learn the basics of List Building as it will take you very far.

    Then proceed from there

    Good luck

    - Robert Andrew
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    If I was to start from scratch all over again I personally would....

    1. Build a list of BUYERS not just prospects lists.

    2. Create my own products to sell online.

    3. Network and support other well known established marketers to build
    SOLID relationships with them.

    NETWORKING is a much under rated strategy very few mention here
    at the forum.

    Building relationships that can last a lifetime beats any strategy I've ever
    come across online.

    Whether that be with your lists, JV partners whatever!

    Build those solid relationships and don't be a stranger.

    All the best,

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    Originally Posted by kolbykskk View Post

    I'm rather new to internet marketing and don't have a clue where to start.

    I purchased a Teespring WSO a few days ago and have learned quite a few things although I'm not sure that that's what I want to do.

    Maybe you could help by telling me where you started.

    Thanks for your input!

    The majority of a successful Teespring campaign is going to consist of using paid traffic. There is a ton of resources on this forum so be sure to use the search feature.

    Pick something that you can resonate with, something that you could see yourself doing and stick to it. There's a lot to learn when first starting out, but don't just sit back and learn. You must also implement what you learn.

    Whether you fail or succeed, that task is something you'll learn from and that will help you to become a better marketer. We all learn from our struggles
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    My suggestion to you is this...

    Study up on list building and product creation.

    Get to be an expert at both.

    Those two tools are the foundation for a very
    successful and profitable web business.

    ~~ Gary
    FREE: "How To Make $200 A Day Online Fast!"

    **Click here to download!
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      When I get started online just last year I was lost. If i had to do everything over again, I would find a mentor that has been through what I am currently going through.

      This way, it would eliminate all the potential pitfalls you may encounter in the future because you are unsure of the direction you want to go.
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    I would find something that excites you, be it an income opportunity, product or service. Get started right away. Pick a 'platform' that teaches you from the ground up.

    The only way to learn is by 'Doing' not just by knowledge.

    Don't procrastinate and try to make all the 'right' decisions.

    The majority of decisions that any of us make will be wrong ones. It's the lessons that we learn from them that give us or skill sets and confidence!

    Get started with something right now and quit trying to figure out all this stuff before taking any action because that way could take you years!
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      Hi kolbykskk,

      I have more than 5 years of experience with Internet Marketing and what I strongly recommend you is

      1) To study a lot
      2) To study only from the best

      The truth is, many WSO's only make rich the author. Go find the gurus that teach IM with a proven record of testimonials and learn how to profit with your passions.

      Remember: The world of IM is no different than the world of online business in the sense that you need to have a quality for which you excel, you need to have some advantage.

      So ask yourself: what is my advantage? In which field can I be the expert? What do I like writing and reading about.

      Don't look for shortcuts because they don't exist or they don't last long.

      Invest your money wisely by spending more but on quality courses. I know it could be hard to choose the right "guru" so if you'd like ask me and I will try to help.

      Italian Internet Marketer.
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    Hey kolby

    When I started I went everywhere and spent money here and there and I think it is what most people go through when they first start out. Call it a right of passage : )

    But you don't need to go through all of that. You could look for a Mentor who you trust and who is already where you want to be. Avoid most of the mistakes and pitfalls and find a mentor who can be your guide.
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      Thank you everybody for your input!
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    Hi, I just started as well and all the help I needed I got here, have a look here: How to create an online business - explained simply
    It is a weekly, free, online newsletter that will
    explain step-by-step how you can use the Internet to earn an additional income.
    Despite what you may currently be thinking!

    Making money online is a skill. Just like cooking,
    carpentry, or football. But like any skill – IT CAN BE LEARNED
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    After so many tips, are you able to absorb them? LOL

    You will need to find your own goals and targets.

    Break it into smaller parts and see how you are going to achieve that.

    Find someone who is an expert in that area and follow his methods and make changes to suit yourself

    Hope this helps
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    Not all courses but many don't tell you the full truth about making money in the tshirt game. For one it's not easy and 2 it costs a lot of money to run ads. Not to mention getting your shirts designed, setting up multiple campaigns to find winners. It takes a tremendous amount of time if you are doing everything yourself. You also have to manage your ads, do split testing and scale winning ads while killing off losing ads and losing shirts. I went 30 straight campaigns without a single winner. I have been doing this for about 5 months so I have learned a ton and I do make decent money doing it.

    I build Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Provide Training. Feel free to check out my demo bot https://m.me/botsguy

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    Find a passion and follow it ... Read, Revise, Research, Socialize!
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