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Hello, I am researching long tail keywords and would appreciate a sanity check to see if I'm interpreting the results right. My model is very simple to start, ezinearticles, goarticles, etc articles with resource box links to a high level domain which is redirected to an affiliate offer.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool shows 1,900 exact (4,400 broad) searches per month. Allintitle: shows 2060 results, which I feel is a bit too high. But the top result has a PR 0 with 1,010 backlinks. 2nd result is PR 2 with 0 backlinks and 3rd is PR 3 with 2 backlinks. None of these are Web 2.0 properties. The first ezine article is in position 9 with 0 backlinks.

Would I be correct to target this LTK because it seems I should be able to get at least to number two or three with properly written articles with a lot of backlinking, for example using Angela Edwards' monthly backlink package?

If I had more experience I would test it and find my own answer, but being new, I do not have anything to compare to. So any insight would be appreciated. Thank You.
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    Since this post is already on the third page of the forum with no replies, it likely will not be viewed again unless I ask again. I was wondering if anyone has any insight? Thank You.
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      considering the lack of any tough competition - i would go for it.

      with a little effort, you should be able to rank well for it.
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    For the search volume and minimal competition to beat out (from what you've explained) - I'd certainly go for it. Worst case, nothign happens. Best case - you rank. From there - it's focus on getting the peopel to your site, conversion into actions, and profit
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    I'd be jumping with joy.

    Go for it.

    And, you know what, while it is the right thing to do to get at least some info and insights before starting, (to save a lot of time and money from going down -obvious to those who know better- dead end streets) Once you have SOME info, you just gotta jump in and do it.

    After a while of hitting it right, and bombing on some, you will get a feel for what you can and can not rank for. That experience is gold worth, and can only be gotten by first hand experience.

    There's a fine line between analysis paralysis and getting some needed education...

    If the domain is available, you may get that and have a real advantage over some of your competitors.

    Good Luck!

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      Thanks everyone. There are so many ways to interpret keyword research results, I need to be sure I'm on the right track.
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