could some one use PTC clicks to derank other website

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one of my website ranked for great keywords. I am getting lots of clicks from PTC sites.

could some one using to de rank my site?

how to dismiss this traffic and let google know?
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    Check your AdSense account. You can suspend adsense ads on the site until you fix it.

    Google also has tools to help you report this kind of stuff.

    Google usually does a pretty good job of monitoring clicks so if you are getting a bunch of clicks form a PTC attack, Google will usually disable your ads and/or not count those clicks.

    You shouldn't see credit for the clicks in you earnings but if you do, be patient and don't count on them.

    You can use tools or modify your .htaccess file to block the IP addresses that are attacking. You can block by country.

    No harm in blocking entire countries because even legitimate traffic is probably useless for AdSense clicks.
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    what about serp ranking? I've noticed a big drop there.

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      Originally Posted by BWHadam View Post

      what about serp ranking? I've noticed a big drop there.
      I don't think PTC would necessary affect SERPs of a non-adsense site.

      Google is more worried about arbitrage or sending cheap PTC traffic and gaming adsense.

      If you are losing SERPs positions then it may be other factors such as spammy backlinks or links from an known PBN.

      To attack a page's ranking on the SERPs it would be more effective to send a bunch of spammy negative-SEO links than to send crappy PTC traffic.
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