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Hi everyone,

I see a lot of discussion going on about membership sites.

I did a wide-ranging analysis of 30+ different providers last fall that may be useful to people.

It is posted here in a downloadable PDF spreadsheet format:

I'm sharing it here hoping that it might be useful to others considering launching paid membership sites.

Note: I was looking for hosted, paid membership solutions and that turned out to be a rare combination.

Subhub was suggested by one of my readers and turned out to be pretty useful. SocialGo has also come out of beta since I wrote this spreadsheet.

Anyone have other suggestions or updates for hosted membership solutions with integrated membership payment tools?

Scott Fox
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    Thanks, that is very helpful. You've done the work I was going to do.

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    Thanks,very helpful.
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    p.s. you can download this spreadsheet really for free. no registration, no signup, etc. it's just a PDF that may be helpful to fellow warrior forum members.
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    Hi Scott

    Would be grateful if you could help me out.

    Take a look here:


    Anil Pandey

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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the mention and the kind words on your site!

    Anil, I have replied in your thread and have also sent you a pm.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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    Although the information provided in the pdf is good, it hardly covers membership software. Of those covered, only a small few are actual membership platforms and many of the well known platforms such as Lauch Formula Marketing, Butterfly Marketing, Simple Member Pro, Rapid Action Profits, DL Guard, Delavo, Memberwing, and countless others which are sold by active Warrior members are not even mentioned.

    Perhaps if you include a list of at the very least all the solutions being offered by members of this forum your list would be much better.

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      Scott, mind adding my company to the vendor list? It's Would love to have your feedback on our product. PM me.
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