20 IM Newbies ONLY: Here's A Gift That Will Change Your Life, Today..

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Hello Warrior Newbies,

I'm putting finishing touches to a new report for IM noobs only that will 100% guaranteed teach you how to write kick ass money compelling sales letters even with your very first attempt... I know this is true because I have proved it.

However, I need a few warrior newbies to prove it as well, so I am going to gift NEWBIES ONLY (who are interested in becoming Master Copywriters in 7 days or less) my brand new 10 page special report 100% free!

If you find it helpful and it helps you write kick ass letters right off the bat (and it should, like I said I followed these simple steps myself), then a brief testimonial and a link to a letter you have written (and tested even better) would be greatly appreciated.

If your interest is aroused send me a PM stating you want a copy and I'll zip it to you as soon as it's ready (I'm editing it right now, just adding a few finishing touches).

Tell me why you think you deserve a free copy and how quickly you will use the information and be able to give me your honest feedback, I will hand pick only 20 noobs I personally feel will make great role models so don't hold back!

Noobs this is your chance to learn FREE and profit powerfully from master copywriting tips and strategies that you hardly ever hear anyone talk about.

PM me your personal request but feel free to post any other comments here.


Kunle Olomofe
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    fellow naija here.......how you dey brother
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    Hey Kunle, I'm very interested in improving my copywriting skills! Check your PM.

    Secret Technique Effortlessly CATAPULTS YOUR Opt-In Rates By: 100%..200%..Even 400% Higher!
    >> Interested? Click to find out more.. <<
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      Thanks for the very nice offer.It's a great pleasure to read your work in improving my IM knowledge and skills.I'm not that newbie but i'm still willing to learn new ideas.
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    I could use help in writing sales letters.

    Please include me into your group.

    Thank You for the opportunity !!!
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    This is available for individuals with more than 10-K of debt and only by phone to start your debt analysis ... PM Me Your Phone Number and best times to call.
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    I recently read Kunle Olomofe's report and I am very glad to say that his systematic approach has made me very confident about writing my own sales letter, I had to write a sales letter and I was delaying it because I've never written a sales letter before and I wasn't sure how to go about it without taking a risk of loosing prospects to ineffective writing. The simple to follow steps in this report can give a real nice boost to a newbie. Although I do have experience writing articles and reports but a sales letter is something different because when it comes to a sales letter your sales is on the line and if you don't get it right you may end up loosing sales without even noticing it. Kunle has given a detailed overview of the methods that work and the methods that don't work so well, this makes it easy to avoid simple mistakes. I will be writing a sales letter soon and once its ready i'll try to post the performance. Thanks Kunle its been a real pleasure reading your report.
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