Ketogenic diet product with affiliate program?

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Does anyone know of a weight loss program / ebook / course that is based on a ketogenic diet, and has an affiliate program, preferably on Clickbank?

A ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate diet, similar to Atkins.
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    Have you already looked at the 6 products listed when you put the word "ketogenic" into the Marketplace search function at ClickBank?

    There might be other, similar/related search-terms to try there, too? Such as "ketotic", "ketoacidotic" and so on?

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      I had already done searches in the Clickbank marketplace without finding such a product before posting this thread

      Maybe there's a niche to fill...

      Personally, I'm just looking for an offer to send to my list.

      Anyone know if any top weight loss products on CB such as Venus Factor, Weight Destroyer etc. are based on a very low carb diet?
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    I have a coaching client that is about to launch a product on that market.

    If you could wait, I could hook you up with him.
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    Check out Jimmy Moore's site - he is a keto guru -

    Plunk around his site and see what he is promoting and I am guessing those products have affiliate programs.

    Best of Luck!
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      Originally Posted by somedevil View Post

      Your post just gave me a great idea for a product. Thanks mate
      You're welcome. I only require 10% royalties
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    Marmalade, I'm about to complete a pretty major product in this category. (At least I think it is ...) I'm within about 3 to 4 weeks of completion. It's essentially a cookbook, (Hardback and eBook) but it's extremely thorough with shopping lists, ingredients lists, rules, etc. It's also got about 220 recipes, each with detailed nutrition and at least one color photo. It's not "Keto", exactly ... I call it "Low Primal" ... which is sort of Ketogenic/Low-Carb/Paleo/Primal ... all kind of rolled up into one. The book is lovingly also known as "The Big Book of Bacon". I run in the same circles as Jimmy Moore, if that helps. I'm just now investigating how to go about promoting this thing. This is my first post. In any event, PM me or ... reach out ... or however this works! O.o

    I hope to hear from you!
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    What's up peeps?

    Did a Keto product make it's way to the CB market?
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