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Do you think there's money to be made doing voice overs other than at fiverr.
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    There's plenty. I know of voice actresses who got their start doing voice overs.

    My suggestion to you would be to focus your marketing on foreigners who can't or don't want to speak good English. You might need a translator to help you with the marketing materials.
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    Well i can tell you of you focus your marketing on Arab Marketers like myself you'll make a great amount of money as many of Arab marketers always look for voice over for their marketing efforts.

    Fiverr is great but focusing on non English speaker will be greater

    Best of luck
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    This is probably too narrow of a topic for WF. You may want to seek out something more specialized.
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    Yes, you can make good money from voice-overs. You need to have:

    A. A good voice (obviously) and
    B. An agent to find you VO work.

    My advice would be this: Put together a demo reel of voice-over work; real work you've done for real clients. Then do a search in Google for "voice over agency [your city]" and contact them. You'll probably get some resistance at first, but if you can PROVE you've done VO work in the past, and the clients were satisfied, you'll eventually find someone who'll take you on.

    Broadcast TV commercials pay the most money in my experience.
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    Thanks all ,was asking for a local guy who was looking for extra work outside of fiverr and I also invited him to join us on this great site which I believe he has.Hopefully he'll chime in and introduce himself.
    I have listened to his voiceovers and he's good.
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    If you have a pleasing voice and good audio equipment, you might earn well with voice overs. Though a lot depends on your competition as well as other factors such as how well you market your services to others.
    Google DOMINATION SEO service - Take your site 1st page of Google.
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      Originally Posted by Jack Gordon View Post

      Sign up at voices.com
      I just wanted to say that.
      I am from Croatia, Europe and I own a digital agency.

      We just ordered a voiceover from voices.com and the quality voiceover is payed really good.

      So you can give it a try there

      And It`s also a good idea to contact agency like so we can have you in reserve as freelancer.

      Craigslist also, there are many ways to market yourself besides fiverr if you don`t want to sell underprice
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    Originally Posted by Virtualghost View Post

    Do you think there's money to be made doing voice overs other than at fiverr.
    There is, but you'll need to built up a decent resume before expecting to land some of the A list paying jobs.

    The whiteboard marketing company TruScribe for example, outsource their voiceover work with some pretty big names in the voiceover industry. You can take a look at their site for more info. The voiceover people they offer internet marketers using their services can also be heard on TV commercials, movies, tv shows and the like. How do I know this? because I've worked with them and a couple personal projects and remember distinctively hearing one of the gentlemens voices on a TV commercial.
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    Hey there,

    I am the one Virtual Ghost spoke of. Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I have an account on Voices.com, however I am not paying for a subscription at this time. Fiverr has been good to me, however I am finding the jobs are too few and far between.
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