What do internet marketers think about MLM business model?!

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I did myself start with an MLM in my first business ever.
Down the road I joined acouple more MLM's where I saw potential opportunities but nothing ever bosomed. I've tried various business models along the road, and I've come to the point where I'm literally repulsed by an MLM.

Part of it has to do with the people that are in it are taught to listen to everything their 1-up is telling them, so right from the start they are discouraged from thinking for themselves.

Secondary the MLM businesses are filled with people who have no business being there, and are simply there because somebody sold them on the idea of becoming rich and getting back something big for very little. In other words, to be a business man/woman it's a choice you make, a career decision and a lifestyle choice. When you're affiliated with a MLM you're brought in not knowing what to expect and you get hypnotized by a business model without thoroughly going throw it.

Sadly MLMs need losers.. as long you get the initial sign up fee from the guy you're trying to recruit, you make your small commission even if you know that they aren't business oriented and are not going to contribute anything afterwards, you still take their cash.
At such an instance one needs to deceive oneself into believing that there's no dishonest act being committed here.
When you're recruiting an affiliate, a business partner who you're going to work with, you're making sure they understand everything and are on the same page as you. Most MLMs, if not all leave out huge parts of the business model that are unattractive for potential sign ups.

Another fact is I was looking at the top grossing MLMers in Canada, something a friend of mine showed me and the numbers went something similar to this

14,00,000 Million/ month
800,000 K/ month
640 K/ month
400 K/ month
250k/ month
180k/ month
35/ month

So basically there are only few people that each these huge numbers that most people are presented at during the initial conference meetings. However such huge numbers as potentially making 250k/ month are heavily emphasized during presentations, now I see it's as likely as winning a lottery ticket.

I find there's so much more opportunity in the Online marketing business.
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    I've tried various business models along the road, and I've come to the point where I'm literally repulsed by an MLM.
    I feel the same way but you will get a lot of people arguing semantics and other nonsense.

    Build your own business.
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    It's hard to say because everyone's had good and bad experiences. So there will always be a conflict between whether MLM is good or not.

    What every marketer has to realize is that it takes TATC.


    So many people are associated about themselves, it becomes a numbers game, but most fail to realize that the importance of growth is within the subscriber or the customer. I mean... actually give a damn to work with people in your business, whether it's talking on Facebook or calling them on Skype, to really show that you are there to help them with their business.

    I've had customers lay down $1000 directly to me after 30-40 minutes on a Skype conversation. When it comes to MLM, most people don't get it. They don't have a solid structure in place, they're promoted to as if it's some kind of plug and play business and it's just not the case and it never will be.

    Build your own authority, build leadership and the rest will fall into place.
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    I don't like MLM because your income is directly related to how well your downline does. And you can not get the great majority to produce no matter how good you are because most people will quit far too soon.

    MLM pays out commissions too small for the average adult unless you go out and recruit a thousand people all on your own (and who can or wants to do that?).

    I prefer top tier direct sales because you get to make large commissions like $500 right up to $21,000 with only a handful of people.

    You help your team to 'duplicate' your results and some will still quit far too soon but at least you will make your money first.

    Top tier direct sales also allows you to make profit potential to run paid ads 24/7/365 and that is a recipe for $20K to 50K months.

    MLM just takes too long and the commissions from most companies are not worth the long term effort.
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      The problem I always had with MLM is it goes against any business training, education, or common sense you have ever learned or been taught. That is:

      Find a unique niche or need that isn't being served
      Sell to or exploit that niche or need

      The problem with most MLM programs (in my opinion), is you have 100 people in a five mile radius chasing after the exact same niche or need, and usually more expensively (need to pay those downlines) and by people come off shady.

      Just using fitness as an example, you have, i don't know how many people selling herbalife (in my state at least) barely breaking even, if at all. But go to click bank and you will find people doing quite well in their specific niche, mommy workouts, football training, hockey training, six pack abs, etc.

      The very training they give is shameful at best.

      Only do things this way
      Build your downline (you mean competitors?)
      Don't listen to others criticism about your business
      Forget the numbers, keep selling and you will get there
      Only hang around with other sellers

      As shady as IM can be (at times) at least we get one thing right, distinguish yourself from the crowd! Do your niche research! Look at the numbers! Test test test!
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    The biggest problem with MLM is trying
    to find out what exactly the product is.

    Most of this stuff is basically moving money
    up and down.

    I stay away.

    ~~ Gary
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      Originally Posted by jempub View Post

      The biggest problem with pyramid scams pretending be legal MLM's is trying to find out what exactly the product is.
      "Fixed that for ya'."

      In the world's most longstanding and successful MLM's, some of them very successfully established internationally for many decades, there's absolutely no difficulty at all in "finding out what the product is", because their success is based on genuine retail sales to regularly re-ordering, genuine retail customers who are not themselves in any way involved in promoting the business opportunity.

      Originally Posted by hustler101 View Post

      What do internet marketers think about MLM business model?!
      I think it suffers greatly from the fact that much of the public, and even some of the industry's more naive participants, don't even understand the difference between perfectly legal and ethical MLM's and illegal pyramid scams.

      (And Warrior Forum conversations about it invariably suffer from exactly the same misunderstandings, too.)

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    I hate being put on the spot by a friend or acquaintance asking me if they can come by and show me "a unique opportunity" that is making them wealthy. And they will never say exactly what it is . . . which always suggests that if they divulged what they were pushing no one would ever speak to them about it.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi Dear Members

    I have done MLM many times and I can assure You that this business has never made any money .. We have done q*******t MLM programm. They kind of had "unique products" and when You just turn in it You get the followings

    1) nonstop tranings and presentations (they even set their traning offices and motivate You right in their office)
    2) most of the time You start believing that this product is unique and making endless profit
    3) kind of believing in it , using with any sort of motivational materils (which sometimes even does not relates to particular MLM)

    What I did?

    I joined that MLM and when I was inside of it I found how they work (at least in my 5 different scenarios)

    I ended up being in fancy BMW X6 ,, yes , yes You got it right ,,, in fancy car. However believe it or not it was belonging to that MLM and as I was recuiting them they gave it to me so I came to traning office driving that fancy car(as if I made it from MLM)

    I dont want to demotivate somebody or say that everything is bad in it , but from my personal experience , this sounds even redicilous so I had to leave that MLM ... BTW in later on found that they have been burned already

    After all I met one of those members of MLM which has been shut down and after all he tald me that it was all "easy game"

    To sum up ,, I would stay away from them as in such MLM You always depend on somebody and their products..

    P.S. can send this particular MLM details on PM if anybody wants to have a look
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    They share a problem.


    "Just do what I did, you'll get the same results...JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM."

    Consider any of a dozen WSO's which will make you 10 grand a month, just follow the system. So, why do we have so many desperate Warriors?

    Likewise, I know several successes in several MLMs. They were ABLE to follow the system, they were round pegs put into the right size round holes.

    The problem is most of us are the square or triangle types.

    Do what suits YOU, success comes fairly easily, choose a system that doesn't fit, well, ya gits what you git.

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    There's a lot of ignorance out there in concerns to the MLM industry. I know first hand as I used to be in it.

    I will say this though, I was part of one of the most successful MLM companies in the world and in one of the fastest growing teams whose leader was voted by his peers as one of the most successful network marketers under the age of 30.

    I'll always have a soft spot for the MLM industry as it put me in the right path and mentality to eventually become the successful internet marketer I am today.

    Having said all of that... my biggest annoyance with the industry, well at least the company that I was with was that all the emphasis was on recruiting. The leaders of the company would preach customer acquisition, and then when no one but the "committed" were around they would preach recruit, recruit, recruit!

    In reality, most of the customers acquired were either from new recruits signing themselves up or from asking(if not begging) friends and family to become customers. This was their system and to be quite honest, it works for some.

    It felt like a very two faced lifestyle for me and I honestly couldn't live it. I much prefer internet marketing where I'm in control of my business, customer service and customer acquisition.

    But if it weren't for network marketing/MLM, I'd probably still be slaving away to make somebody else rich.

    -Pedro Lopes
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      I was in MLM in the 90s from water purification systems to Amway to Diet Cookies ( yes Diet cookies)

      For about 15 years I was cold turkey with them.

      However, a couple of years ago I got into one that I really liked the Product.

      It was $10 a month for an App. and really thought it was a no brainer and provided good Value for the price.

      But as many people do I lost interest in it as my IM business took off

      Recently, I checked it out and the Membership Fee to have the App each month has gone from $10 to $60...for the exact same thing.

      Sounds like desperate people trying to increase prices to warrant higher payouts in the pyramid

      - Robert Andrew
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