Link Outreach versus Guest Blogging

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I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but I think it will be interesting to see someone talk about it. From my research and experience, I believe both are very effective for getting massive traffic if done correctly.

Guest blogging is good for establishing one's authority in a niche and link outreach can guarantee constant flood of regular traffic that never stops.

I want marketing Warriors to tell me their views. Which one of the two would you do if you're starting a new website, link outreach or guest blogging?
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    Outreach is the process of contacting site owners to place your links or guest post on their site.
    Outreach is part of (real) guest blogging.
    So what is your real question?
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    Hello michakins,

    I agree with tdanz's statement: "Outreach is the process of contacting site owners to place your links or guest post on their site.
    Outreach is part of (real) guest blogging."

    May I ask what are you really trying to ask?

    If you want any help with regards to the following. Just reach me and I will be happy to share.
    wordpress, website (design/development/edit),SEO,Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and more.

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      Originally Posted by shauntao214 View Post

      May I ask what are you really trying to ask?
      What I think he's asking is whether to contact people asking for a guest post on their blog. Or instead ask for a link to a post on his own blog.

      So pretty much: Guest Blogging vs. Link Building (using outreach). At least that's what I think.

      OT: My recommendation would be to do both. Why? Because not only can they both work really well, the effect compounds.

      In internet marketing 1+1 doesn't always equal two, it can equal 3, 4 or more.

      Here's how:

      If you get a guest post published that does pretty well, and you go in a week or two later asking for a link to your content (on your own blog), they'll be more likely to agree to that. Because you've already built the relationship and given them value.

      Similarly, if they link to your content because they like what you have to say. That in turn opens doors to guest post on their blog, since there's obviously something they like about your content.

      That's my two cents, hope that helps,

      TL;DR version: Do both
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    I usually don't bother with guest posting much. I prefer creating quality content for my own site and then conducting out reach. But if the right guest posting opportunity is available on a high traffic website, then of course it's good to go for. They both have their place.
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      Outreach is obviously both.

      Outreach is just that Out (not commuicating with yourself or generally someone within your oraganisation) and 'reach' (tapping them on the shoulder in electronic means.

      I think the terminology 'guest blogging' = spam, so use 'guest contributor/author'.

      Link outreach can work. Scrape lots of sites with link sections, then scrape their email address and email 1000 of them in one go with an email blaster (either a desktop or cloud).

      Also attach an image of your logo they can upload.

      Split the emails into groups of 50 and split test different outreach emails.

      If you're doing this for clients and your employer is new to this, maybe do some of the work in your own time as you can burn through hours learning to do it with not much to show for it.

      It took me a long time to get the skills to scale out link reqests, and generally I prefer to do content on my own site and get sources for it (rather like Journalism) and use either HARO or email outreach. That way at least you've got something tangible to show the client.

      And don't discount paying for guest posts on PNBs. I use Digital Point for this... I'm not sure if Warrior forum has a similar service with link vendors.
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