Finally Bite the bullet and went for it...

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I finally submitted my first article over the week end and it went live yesterday.

Boy it was a tense few days checking it's progress, re reading it thinking is it good enough. So with the first over and done with i ready to do more.

But some advise would be good about submitting to multiply article directory's, do you re-write/re-word each article submission differently or do you keep them the same. Some TOS say that the article has to be unique and can not be posted any where else on the web.:confused:

Article writers your input would be greatly appreciated..
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    If the TOS says that, I would pass on submitting there, unless they are paying me well.

    What sites have that rule? Since the top article directory does not, I have to wonder why a lesser one would be more restrictive.
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      It was buzzle, when you go to sign up for a new account there is this text...

      Important Notice: We do not accept duplicate content i.e. you should not submit any article that already exists on some other website. If you intend to submit original and unique articles, please fill out the form below to become a member.

      My interpretation of it is if you post an article on one site you cannot post it on this one as well. I could be reading wrong...
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