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I'm a newbie to the world of internet marketing, and was sent here by a freind who felt this was a good resource. I have a free blog on Wordpress, that is heavily trafficked at this point in time - over 1,000,000 hits last week. Due to political themes, I am anticipating that traffic will diminish after the election on Nov. 4th, and am anxious to make some ad revenue while it's still hot. My current wordpress format will not accept ads. Anyone have a suggestion, or could point me in some direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What do you mean your current wordpress format does not take ads??
    Just hard code adsense into the sidebar file.
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      Your crazy.. buy a wordpress from

      Invest some money into a proper host, get it all on there. Put some adsense stuff on there.

      You will make a lot of money!

      Also start making a list from it as well..
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