BE ENCOURAGED - I Just Took 3 Months Off

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I just took over 3 months off from Internet Marketing.

That's no reading ebooks, testing campaigns, checking stats ... not a thing.

Basically my wife insisted I decorate the house and do a bunch of small building projects around the home.

So why what's so encouraging about that?

Quite simply during that period there was not ONE single day when I did not make money. You see if you build your business properly you really can set and forget.

Hope this inspires

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    WOW, thank you for that.

    Your post highlights a very important advantage of Internet Marketing.

    Great stuff
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    Good for you, John. I wish I could do that, but so far I still do the follow up on all orders,
    and I have a few sites that needs some occasional maintenance.
    Have fun and let us know how you're doing!
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    I literally took one day of unusual SEO work like 16 months ago, and that mini page I set up outranked my main site I'd spent 4 months trying to rank... that one day of promotion gets me sales probably averaging almost one a day.

    Just the OP, I went away and haven't touched the site in over a year, and it's doing better than ever. Probably done about $60,000 in total affiliate sales since then...

    Message is not to brag but truly do be encouraged like the OP said, passive is possible.
    Can you afford me? KILLER videos (from script to tech), $thousands+...

    PM me if you need help with *big money* launches/pitches.
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      Wow - well done to you! I can't wait to be in that position myself one day!
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      Originally Posted by Sam Smith View Post

      I literally took one day of unusual SEO work like 16 months ago, and that mini page I set up outranked my main site I'd spent 4 months trying to rank... that one day of promotion gets me sales probably averaging almost one a day.

      Just the OP, I went away and haven't touched the site in over a year, and it's doing better than ever. Probably done about $60,000 in total affiliate sales since then...

      Message is not to brag but truly do be encouraged like the OP said, passive is possible.

      Would you care to elaborate on what type of unusual SEO work you did? Really would like to know what "trick" you got up your sleeve ?
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        Good Luck for Your Business.. I still need to do lot of work to Setup a "Set And Forgot type Business"
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    The only time id id that i went from 2.5-3K per month to 100$ So if you're going to take some months off, better check if plan B is on.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Thats great, that happened to me for four weeks last month whilst I was in China every week I made money and one week I made more money than I had in the previous 8 weeks, it really can work when you build your business right but it takes time, a lot of time in many cases years.

    So anyone who is still new to this, be ready to put in years of effort to see outcomes like this.
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    thats great..but i think i am too workaholic to do this. I also know that bad things can happen, starting from unexpected google rank my provider doing STUPID, STUPID things (like yesterday again) resulting in sites/accounts down..with 200+ subdomains tied to it. Its a CONSTANT maintenance, checking rankings, click-throughs, sales
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    The beauty part of internet marketing is that once you master making money after many trials and errors, this business becomes so easy and you can just let it run on auto-pilot. You wake up in the morning, check your sales stats for the previous day. Respond to a few emails and then you are done for the day while you income doesn't stop.

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    Now that's what you call putting things on auto pilot in real time ... It really is an amazing feeling to not have to worry about the finances and just do the small things in life that bring pleasure Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for the great post. Internet Marketing is great and it can allow you to generate money on autopilot.

    Sam - I would love to know what unusual SEO work you did that one day ;-)

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      This has to be the reason that a great majority of us are in this for. I think it's called auto-pilot. Great news!
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    So now you have proven to not only yourself but hopefully your wife too that all this hard work has paid off.

    I bet she's looking for more jobs now for you! ha ha

    Tom Brite
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  • Profile picture of the author Mangozoom
    Absolutely Steve ... I took up IM because of the reoccuring passive nature.

    you have to reach a point of critical mass and then it works ... JUST KEEP GOING
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    that would be perfect for me too. would you mind sharing your secret??
    Chill Out Venture
    Gets you Out of the Box!
    Adventure based teambuilding.
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    • Profile picture of the author Al Vaughan
      Hey John
      Tell me your secret please, I took a week off to do some decorating as I was ordered and it ended up costing me $500, were do I go wrong, I'm sure there is a way, but I can't find it.
      Anyway best of luck to you my friend.
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  • Profile picture of the author GuerrillaIM
    That's Great! Well done. If you build a passive profit that is easily sustainable then you can exit the rat race.

    My goal over next few months is to build a passive profit that covers all of my bills (I'm documenting it on my blog)
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  • Profile picture of the author ToddK

    Like you I took a few months off as well. Unfortunately for me it was becuase my head wasn't screwed on right and I was going in 10 different directions trying to make all ten profitable.....when in reality I was spending money but had nothing coming in.

    On the positive side, taking a few months off allowed me to re-think which direction I wanted to go in as well as take stock in what I am good at. Once I realized where my strengths lie now I can focus on those strenghts to build my business.

    I believe most new comers fail not becuase they don't have passion but becuase they don't have direction and focus.

    So my input to anyone struggling and/or newbies.....hang in there and don't give up. Find your strengths and focus your energy on those strengths. You may find you are good at AdSense, Article Marketing, Affiliate Sales, Web/Graphic Design, etc.. Once you realize these strengths then promote, promote, promote.

    Once you are making money and feel comfortable then, while your current business is on autopilot, move on and learn a new technique......

    Good luck to all!!

    Todd K.
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  • Profile picture of the author Hugh

    You have proven the worth of building for the long haul instead
    of for the quick buck. Thanks

    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
    "Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon." -- Winston Churchill

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  • Profile picture of the author Jeffrey Arthur

    This just shows you the power of IM and Residual Income. Once youre able to truly create wealth for yourself by just using your mind, it changes the game. Its an amazing feeling to be financially free, and to have the ability to do what you want, when you want.

    I myself take a vacation every quarter, just to recharge my batteries and what i find is when i come back my dedication and passion increases exponentially. 2010 for me is going to be the year i take things to the next level and take a couple months to travel North America and see if i can work and travel at the same time. Kind of like a test run for the year after which plan to work and travel throughout europe for 6 months or so.

    Keep up the great work, youre an inspiration to all those just getting into the world of Internet Marketing, and what is really possible when you work hard and follow your dreams

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  • Profile picture of the author TiffanyLambert
    I'm on Day 11 of a 30 day jobless-on-purpose streak. I decided to take 30 days off to focus on two things: 1.) My weight. I needed a jumpstart. and 2.) The direction of my business.

    The only thing I do each day is make a vlog post about my thoughts - one on SparkPeople and one on my blog. This is primarily so I can look back on my thought process. One thing I recently talked about was HOW I'm able to take off 30 days when I want to - because I've built a business, and I don't just go online to make money (that's work). I have things set up designed to take in cash with or without me. THAT'S what everyone should be doing but too many people are hunting and pecking for one sale after another and if they quit working, all the plates fall and crash.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mangozoom
    Thanks for all the positive comments.

    My solutions for those looking for some help is to spread my net accross more than one market but also more than one type of monetisation.

    I put Adsense inside all of my member area sites and don't do sublte i.e. Adsense is mingled right in the mix of my text.

    For any sites that are content based I also test different Clickbank banners ... even going for products that have a tenious link to the sites subject matter ... if it converts I will sell it (although I refuse to promote anything I consider unethical as I am a Christian).

    The real truth behind all of this is that natural TRAFFIC is the key .... keep using all the SEO and traffic methods such as Article Marketing until you get the amount you need to make the money you want to earn, simple as that.

    I have old about movies and how to myspace sites that still bring in a few bucks everyday because of work I put in a long time ago. Just checked the stats for my movie site for example and it gets 300 plus hits a day still and I have not updated the site for over a year.

    Can I just say my sites compared to what I see people building up in here are not hi tech at all ... I rely on content and traffic generation.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ron Killian
    Great post! I know when I was doing all affiliate marketing, taking a month or two off was very do-able. Kinda miss those days
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  • Profile picture of the author RebeccaL
    Great post!
    There is nothing like true, hands off passive income.
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  • Profile picture of the author Joel Gray

    A very motivating post, does it get any better than being able to take off work for a few weeks but still make money....don't think so.


    "Punish The Deed, Not The Breed"

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  • Profile picture of the author Mangozoom
    Thanks Joel
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  • Profile picture of the author Paul Becky
    That's what we called a Passive Income!
    You do nothing and the money still rolling on!

    Congratz on your success John
    Hope I will get there soon

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  • Profile picture of the author Mangozoom
    Hey Paul thank you for your encouragement ... if I can do this anyone can
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