Is This Partial Charging A Solution To Stop Frauds Claiming Refunds And Ripping You Off ?

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Fellow Members,

If the payment processor refunds without question then a lot of frauds would buy digital goods (ebooks, softwares, webscripts, etc.) and then ask for refunds.
On the other hand, if the payment processor does not refund atall then a lot of frauds would false advertise promising things they can't live upto and buyers won't get refund.
As a digital goods seller, I think the digital product should work the 1st quarter and then prompt whether the buyer is satisfied so far or not for that quarter (instalment/chunk) and if not then the digital product goes no further and the buyer can get an undisputed refund from his/her payment processor (Paypal, credit card company). But, if the buyer is satisfied with the first part then the digital product works/reveals the next quarter and so on. So, at 4 installments the digital product is used and whatever instalment the buyer stops being satisfied, he/she just pays for the previous instalments.
So, if you read my ebook and at the 1st and 2nd quarters you click "satisfied with this quarter" button and then at the 3rd quarter you click "unsatisfied with this quarter" then the ebook generates an invoice for you to pay 2 quarters of the price only. You only pay for what you like and not what you displike.

If you're a digital product seller and worried fraudsters would buy and then ask for refunds then do you reckon my idea has a solution for you to cut back on being a victim of fraud ?
Your softwares/ebooks would work for your buyers in chunks/instalments and ask if he/she's satified with the work so far or not. At the point/part/instalment/chunk/quarter they say they are satisfied then it will move-on to the next chunk/installment/quarter/part until they arrive at their point where they state they're no longer satisfied for their current point/installment/chunk/quarter. The digital product (software/ebook) would then generate an invoice for them to pay for the parts they were satisfied. Actually, the digital product might aswell move-on to the next part/stage only once they've paid up for the parts they clicked they're satified.
Now, if the buyer asks for a refund then you might be able to argue with the payment processor (paypal, credit card company, etc.) that the customer was satisfied for the parts you invoiced them and so not to refund. Do you guys think this form of charging/invoicing totally would kill any customer getting a refund by successfully credit card charge backing or filing disputes with the payment processor (Clickbank, Paypal, etc.) and not pay for those parts they were satisfied ?
If you like this suggestion, then do not forget to email this thread to your credit card company and online payment processors so they add this feature to their services. Getting a partial payment from a customer is better than getting zero where the refunded customer made use of your material upto the point they got unsatisfied.
And, if 4 quarters would be too much of a bothersome than 3 parts or even 2 parts might be ok to buyers.

My idea might just be the solution to every parties' interests. Sellers, buyers and payment processors alike.
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    Actally, I really like your idea. I may even make it reality some day.
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    I think the complications would outweigh the benefits.

    You are just talking about drip-feeding content. You can do that with a member site.

    Give them material in the first month. If they are satisfied they continue the subscription to the next month (or billing period) and get the next part of the product.

    Obviously they don't get a refund for more than the current/previous month. In fact you could offer a free week and autobilling after that with no "refunds" but "cancel anytime".

    It does what you want without having to develop a whole new affiliate system and customer access/payment monitor.

    What if they pay for parts 1 & 2 but their payment gets declined for insufficient funds for Part 3? Cancel further payments?

    A member site you would just lock their account until payment is resumed.


    "So, if you read my ebook and at the 1st and 2nd quarters you click "satisfied with this quarter" button and then at the 3rd quarter you click "unsatisfied with this quarter" then the ebook generates an invoice for you to pay 2 quarters of the price only. You only pay for what you like and not what you displike."

    The other problem is you are waiting until they consume the product before they pay.
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    Boy, this sure sounds like a fixed term membership to me. So your idea is already in use.

    The buyer joins the membership and if the buyer stays active as a member he is automatically billed for the second day/week/month or what ever time period you set up for payments. When the last of the content is delivered the payments stop.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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  • Thanks fellows.

    Currently, this drip feeding is being done on membership sites.
    But is it being done on a single ebook or a software ? My idea was based around them so the customer doesn't read and use for free and then ask for a refund saying they were not satisfied (even though they were). Make it easy for the payment processor to reject their silly "unsatisfied claims".

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    It's a monthly/weekly/daily membership site.

    Prospect signs up for a free or low cost trial.

    If satisfied at the end of the trial they are billed.

    At any time they are un-satisfied they can cancel.

    That's a lot of server space for a poorly presented, poorly thought out "theory."
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