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I am currently seeking clients in a certain niche, lets say "car dealers" for an example. What are some strategies for selling a marketing service to them? What are some different methods to getting in front of, and contacting as many car dealers within the U.S?

I think that a lot of people have a potential to make a killing in the service-based market as long as they focus on a single niche and expand from there. Master one niche and move on to the next.

So lets create some "out of the box" ideas to grabbing leads, and best methods to convert those into sales. More general ideas than anything that deals with business owners as customers.

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Using the above example:

I am currently participating and becoming apart of different forums and communities to make an image of myself as a marketing expert with solutions for their business. I seem to grab tons of leads from just being knowledgeable and providing valuable content on the forums.
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    Join a business networking group in your city and work the network's connections. You'd be surprised as to who knows who in any given business network.

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    Good idea, I am big into networking and that is how i get a majority of my business, through good reviews and networking. However, I am looking at an even bigger picture here, trying to figure out how to reach out to used car dealerships across the globe with a service that is much needed in their niche.
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      When I was marketing in the automotive industry the initial approach I used was to write articles targeting salespeople through online/offline publications. As the resulting traffic flowed through my funnel system, many of them of course made the "recommended" purchases of educational books and other products (mostly from Amazon). But more importantly, these articles spread virally into upper management, providing access to managers in multiple departments.

      As you may know, the hierarchies of large corporations is difficult to penetrate due to the many layers of "gate keepers". There are other ways of lead generation and getting past the screeners of decision makers, however, IMO nothing beats working the built-in network of corporate organizations. This self-funding lead generation method has been quite effective for marketing my primary flagship products (enterprise software) and marketing consultation services in dozens of other business sectors as well.
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    talk to them i'm sure each dealer needs something. and if you can prove results, you should have no problem. if you can create a smashing portfolio then you should be good. show them you have what they need
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