Design T shirt with Games characters

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need to seek copyright rights?

just curious how those people do it? or they just illegal do it?

using famous game characters etc or like grumpy cat to marketing their t shirt etc without seeking approve from the creator or owner?
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    If the character is trademarked then they are in danger of being sued for damages.

    That depends a lot on how aggressive the trademark holder is at pursuing those types of infringements.
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    Use your own original work; in every sense of the word "original."


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    Most people who do it legally have licenses to do so. Same with sports teams and the like.

    But what does this have to do with your fitness business?
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      oh because sometime if I have spare time
      like to mess around on tee spring design on stuff test the market
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    You can make your own cartoon/games character, social network it, make some jocks, get popular. Then it'll be profitable to make T-shirt.

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    If the image was created or belongs to another person, you should not use it on your T-shirts.
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    If this is made in China, then all (c) is their problems ))
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