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Hey there,

I have been a fitness addict for the past 11 years and show the part. Recently I thought of an idea to post my daily workouts into a membership website where members will pay $9.95/ month and can cancel anytime if they feel my service is not necessary.

The website would include my daily workouts (which anyone can follow at their own pace), meal plans, supplements, etc..

I would advertise and post pictures of muscle groups of that day to improve motivation for paying customers.

Now my question is, how can I find a web developer that can work with me in creating this? Is there any freelance web developers that can help out and have proof of success of their work?
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    There's lots of freelance "web developers" on here, but only a few that have built successful websites. I'm sure plenty of "web developers" on here will jump at building you a site.

    My qualm with your website is that $9.95/month is quite a bit of money when you realised that there are tons of fitness addicts with years of experience posting their meal plans, fitness plans, lifting plans on forums and other websites on the internet for people to read for free. Also, a Netflix subscription is only $7.99.

    What makes your website stand out from everyone else. Do you have a big online presence already with a following? Are your plans different to anything you can read on the internet for free?

    If the answer to both questions above is no, then that means you'll need to spend on advertising and marketing. And when I say spend, I mean spend big because the fitness industry online is one of the most competitive/profitable. You'll be competing with people who have been doing this for years.

    Not trying to rain on your parade, just pointing out some of the things to think about before you jump straight in and potentially splash a few hundred dollars on a website.


    Also worth mentioning that the absolute golden period for signups of your website idea's nature is new years. And you've missed the boat on that this year.

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    Zuzka does exactly this for the female market at the same price point. Plus I believe she sells videos and I am sure other upsells. (Maybe this is where you got the idea?)

    If you are going to be updating your website every day with new material, you're going to need to learn how to do it or you'd have to pay someone every day to do it for you.

    As for the website itself, all you really need is a Wordpress site with a Membership plugin and a way to take payment. The payment can be integrated with the Membership plugin but you'll need someone to process the payment (Paypayl, Stripe, etc.).

    It's pretty basic and easy to set that all up. I'm sure whatever Membership plugin you choose will have either an upsell to set it up for you, or will have references for someone who you can pay to set it up for you.

    The first place to start is to find the plugin you want to use. The second would be to find the theme you want to use. And then, the payment processor.

    Once all of that is set up, tested and the content is ready, you are about 1% done. The other 99% is marketing and sales. LOL
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    ilee makes a good point.

    Unless you're a fitness celebrity, or you have some kind of fresh angle, I don't see this working given the competing products in the niche. If I wanted to get in shape, I'd head over to Amazon, buy some videos, some books, or flip through Google and Youtube and dig up tons of free fitness programs, diet plans, and so forth.

    None of which means you're out of luck. You just need to rethink.

    Possible ideas:

    1. One-to-One Online Fitness Instructor.
    2. Webcam Fitness Classes.


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    The site is the easy part, an afternoon for me if you had the graphics. The issue is the business model, you need a real strong angle to do well in the fitness niche.
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