Advice Please? I was offered to sell ad space on my website? What would you do?

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Newbie here,

I own quite a few websites, but never sold ad space before.
Somebody made me this offer below? Is this a good offer?
Thanks so much for your advice!

My client is looking to place a simple text ad on your site for a minimum of one year with the option to renew at the end of that year's time. I can pay you $100 up front for your time and efforts. Here are a few more details that should help answer any further questions you may have going forward:

· The text advertisement would need to be on your page for one year minimum.
· The text link needs to be a relatable sentence, preferably one that make sense with the given article.
· If you think it would be more appropriate on another blog post than the one I suggested, that's just fine. You know your site better than I do
· Payment will be made as soon as the link is up and over Paypal.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in asking. If you agree with the above and feel you are interested in moving forward, please let me know and I will gladly send over my client's information for your final review
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    Is this a good offer?
    It depends on the niche, how much traffic you have, etc.
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    Originally Posted by Offline Otis View Post

    I own quite a few websites, but never sold ad space before.
    Somebody made me this offer below? Is this a good offer?
    The offer is for a link on your site, not ad space. That's quite different, and could have implications for your site's ranking. You'll have to decide if it's the right business move for you. Other than that, nobody can tell you what you should charge without knowing more details.


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    Thanks for the replies.

    The site is Roofers Advice

    So imagine their client is a roofing company.

    I don't even think my traffic / google rank / etc. is even good yet.
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    If its related to your site and if you are satisfied with the site's content then you may well take the offer.
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    Obviously some one building back links, or likely a middle man doing it for a client. I agree what others have said, if it's a good link and your happy, why not.

    Other thing, does your site get traffic or have good ranks? Might be worth more than $100 for a year.

    Just remember, you'll need to keep the link up for an entire year.
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    Yeah, It's definetly a middle man. I went to the website in her email and they are a marketing comany that is like a middle man. Looks like a legit/nice site.

    I don't think my website gets much traffic yet, and I don't think it's ranked well either, yet.

    So, should I just say yes to the 100$ If you were me?
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    Your site doesn't even have page rank, and a 25 mil alexa rank, I'd take that hundred and run
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    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

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    lol. yeah, I know....that's kinda what I was thinking..
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    The 9 out of 10 articles on page one of your blog are ranking on page one of Google for 'Exact' match of your long tailed keywords.

    It has a lot of potential.

    I would be careful what kind of links you place on your blog.

    A hundred bucks really isn't anything to write home about.

    I wouldn't do it.
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    WOW, thanks for that info. I really didn't know that.

    What about offering them a group price/rate on a few of my roofing sites.

    I have Roofing Manual - Roofing Advice ROOFERS CLUB - Roofing Forum ROOFING DOMAINS

    Do you think offering them like a BUNDLE package or something like that would be a good option for me??
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      Although people do it every day, selling links on your site, especially keyword anchor text links is frowned upon at Google. Its hard to tell from your site, but it looks like this is your roofing company site. if it is not and you are collecting leads to sell or something like that, those are two different propositions.

      Putting paid for links on your own company site is a not a healthy business practice, if you are collecting leads and then selling them, its a little better, but not much. its hard to compete against the aggregators as is, and you don't need to slide in your rankings.

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  • Profile picture of the author Offline Otis

    Yes, I do own a Home improvement company. I have multiple websites that are on page 1 for google in my city,
    so that's how I ended up in the forum. Learning as much as I can.

    The 3 websites above were purposely made to not advertise my business for the exact reason you mentioned, which I agree. I have no ads on my personal business websites.

    The - the original plan was to show my experience as an roofing expert and collect email addresses to market towards. Make some extra money. I do get homeowners asking for tips, but not a lot. I also use adsense, and had an amazon affiliate store...don't think that's active right now though.

    These sites are 100% to try and make money though, not to advertise my business. Good question.

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