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I want to build a squeeze page that will market to the internet marketing niche. I want to build a responsive list so I can sell to make money online solo ad buyers. What is the best way to achieve a quality list for this niche with a squeeze page? Would I say something like:"Want to make money online! Enter email for further details? Since I personally would not be selling to the list but selling the traffic... would I use a squeeze pg. like above? If not what is the best process and the best way to build a list to sell the list?
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    i'm sure nobody is going to like this response haha but you can broker clicks. no need for a list, just make sure your source is great and test it yourself and get testimonials.

    i don't do this, but anyone could.

    otherwise, you're kind of taking a backwards approach, which isn't necessarily a bad idea, you just need to consider an actual business plan. to build a list you need a squeeze page. to build a great list you'll need much more than a simple squeeze with a lame headline. you need to generate buyers through a sales funnel and brand yourself all the way through, gain trust and provide high quality content.

    you'd literally be throwing away money if you weren't trying to sell them something [highly targeted offer for that traffic] off the bat and through a funnel and frankly what you just explained, in my experience, creates a lame unresponsive list.

    focus on quality, not shortcuts. if you want an advertising business then you need to build it.

    hope that helps
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      How can I email/contact you? I have a question about this thread? If email is not allowed please let me know, don't want to be booted for doing something not allowed on the WF.

      Thank you!
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    Ben at supersimplesalesfunnel .com

    You could also pm me here

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