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Hey guys. I'm new on the forum, and have had some experience with online marketing before, but I'm a bit curious about article marketing.

Now I have a question; When writing up an article, do you post it only at one spot, like for instance ezinearticles or do you crosspost the same article at many places?

In the former case you probably get some quality content available through google, but I'm not sure if that outweighs the sheer amount of backlinks you could get by posting your article at 20-30 sites, but maybe they're not counted when the article is duplicate content.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?
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    I recommend making at least 10 articles and them submitting them around to as many article websites as possible. (set yourself about 20)

    Then repeat it again and again until you have 100.

    If you are then brave, video yourself and post almost all the same content on youtube. (Quicker than articles)

    And if you have the time submit them to at least 10 other video uploading websites.

    You should get great results if the quality is top notch.
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    Ezinearticles is great. I post a lot of articles there. But you cannot post the same article anywhere else if you post it on ezinearticles. Whatever your article plan, you should include Ezinearticles because they are the top guys and your article will get seen, especially if it is good.

    Realize that if your article is any good, it's going to get posted in ezines, and there is your distribution. So maybe you try a variety, distributing some articles yourself - but definitely include ezinearticles in your plan. Thanks, Beau
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