A few ways to use plr articles in a profitable way

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I thought this might come in handy for some of you,
here are a few ways you can use plr articles in a profitable way


Put the articles in an autoresponder

Autoresponders are a great way to get your customers or prospective customers be more comfortable with you. It helps you build a relationship and to make this task easy, you can use plr articles.

There's a lot of talk about it takes approximately 7 - 12 messages to get your reader to buy something, but you can even go further and load up 52 articles and you're covered for an entire year. Ofcourse you'll need to make sure that whatever your putting up as content, won't have to be updated and will continue to be correct.

Regular newsletters

If you've got plr-articles that aren't always going to be correct, you can send out those articles live. Do put affiliate links or links to your very own products in there, just don't overdo it, you can also link to your services if you have any.

Online course, perhaps?

Offer an online course, instead of a regular ebook. You can send the online course through your autoresponder. This course can be a free one to generate leads or a paid product.


Turn those plr articles into a teleseminar and you'll have two products for the price of one. You can give the teleseminar away for free and sell the transcripts.

Use one or more articles as the basis of the teleseminar and when you're done talking you can open up the lines to answer any questions your listeners may have. Or have someone ( a friend perhaps) interview you and ask you the questions like that)

Offline Flying

Instead of making an offline flyer, like the rest of them (which are plain ads) make your offline flyers valuable and help your flyer-readers solve a problem they have. That way your flyer won't immediately get thrown away.

You could even joint-venture with local businesses to get them to put the flyers in the shopping bags of their customers.

Offline newsletters

Ever thought of taking your newsletter offline? You can use plr-articles as content for those newsletters as well. Whether the offline newsletter is a free one or a paid one.

Turning it into a website

Take those plr articles and turn them into a content rich website in a particular niche. You can then go on to monetize that website with adsense, selling advertising, affiliate links and selling your own products on the webste.

You keep the website and let it grow naturally over time, tweaking and improving as you go along.

Do a flipper

Do the same as the above, but instead of keeping the website, you build the website and you sell it on forums like digitalpoint, sitepoint or even right here on the warrior forum

Search engine bait

Instead of just posting it to your blog, you can rewrite them around your niche keywords. That way not only will it attract readers but you'll get more visitors from the search engines when you get ranked for those keywords.


Instead of making it a content site, you can turn your plr articles into a membership site. This will cut your research time down dramatically and you'll be able to feed your membership site with content (lots of it if you have a lot of plr articles). Plus the great thing about membership sites is the residual income you can generate with them


Need backlinks? Post the plr-articles on yahoo answers to answer the questions made. Only post like half of the article, the rest to be viewed on your website. This way, you'll be using your website as the source of your answer.


Everybody has a blog these days and you can use plr-articles to populate these blogs. If you've got a bunch of plr-articles you can have your blogging platform autopost it like once or twice a week. Putting the blog on automatic. You can get added mileage from your articles by cutting them in two, since blog posts don't have to be long.

Blog posting

Use those posts, like yahoo answer posting, as comments on other peoples blogs. You can leave your websites url in there for a bit of traffic (and if they are do-follow links you'll gain a bit of link juice). Again use only half of the article as a comment, so that readers will have to visit your website in order to read the full article.

Forum owner?

If you are a forum owner (a new one) then you can use plr articles to fill your forum. Most people don't want to post in forums which have no posts or members. So filling it up with content is a way of trying to get more members.

You can even get some friends (or hire a few people) to post a few of those articles on a regular basis, that way it'll seem as if there are already a few members there.

Forum posting

Two ways of going about this, one you can post the full or part of the article on forums which allow such posting. Make sure to add your own comments and add a bit more value to them.

Second is using those plr-articles as answers to questions asked in forums. Just make sure to post a complete answer, half answers aren't helpful at all. So post a complete answer and a link to your website for more information.

Do make sure that it is allowed on the forum you're going to post on, since some forum owners frown upon such postings.

Got a lens?

Use those plr articles to build squidoo pages (lenses), rewrite those articles a bit around a few main keywords you're targeting. Add some features that are interactive, put affiliate links and a few links back to your own site on the lens as well.

Fear the lens?

Build the lens as before and then sell the lens to someone else. Quick way to make a bit of money.

Ah the social one is networking

you can use plr articles to keep your social networking sites filled with content


If you don't know what that is, an advertoral is an advertisement that looks like an article. They get read a lot more then regular ads and if done correctly you can get a higher click through rate as well. Done correctly, means making it look less like an add

Release it to the press

Like you can turn those articles into advertorials, you can just as easily turn those into press releases. Don't try to sell anything in the press release though, your article is meant to point the readers to your website for more information

Make a survey, quiz or petition

interactive stuff like these are a great way to engage your online visitors. You can use plr-articles to create those interactive features. These are especially useful on forums and sites where commercial stuff isn't allowed.

Once you've got people to your surveys, quiz or petition, you can ask for their name and e-mailadress before they can participate. Or ask them to sign up for your newsletter. Just make sure you offer them a freebie like a report or something, to entice them to sign up.

You could also put adsense and banners and stuff like that around those interactive features to monetize them.

Affiliate links => article directories

You can take those plr-articles, rewrite them so the article directories will accept them and put your affiliate links in them. (Make sure the article directory accepts affiliate links) and submit them to the article directories.

You can find products to promote on clickbank, amazon, commission junction and many more. A slightly better alternative is to send those readers to your own website, where you provide more content and try to get them on your maling list

Niche article directory

You can use those plr articles to create your very own article directory, geared towards one specific niche. Once you've got a pretty big directory, you can start asking webmasters to post there too.

You can then keep the directory or sell it on digitalpoint, sitepoint or somewhere similar.

Ebook-author, you?

Take those plr-articles and turn them into an ebook. Take just ten to twenty plr articles and put them together and you've got an ebook which is ten to twenty pages in length. You could then go and sell the ebook or give it away for free.

Give it to your affiliates

In order for your affiliates to do a good job promoting your products/services they'll need the tools to do so. So providing them with banner ads, newsletter, ppc, solo and text ads is a great way to get them going. You can also provide them with these plr-articles to help them with article marketing.

Are you a writer?

If you write articles for other people, you know that you need to offer unique content to them. So you can't just give them the plr-articles, or rewrite them a bit. But you can use them as the basis of your research. This will save you a lot of time on research.

You can even offer those clients with small budgets the chance to buy the plr-articles.

Bilingual? Got spare cash?

If you can speak and write another language, or several (even better) then you can turn those plr articles into articles in another language. Keep in mind to put one or two keywords in them. You can then upload those articles to your website. Just make sure that whatever you're selling, is in that language as well.

Tweak and sell

You could sell those articles as is to other people, or you could rewrite them and sell them to publications like magazines, newspapers and other interested parties. You can find those parties by getting yourself a copy of "Writer's markets", which is a yearly edition


Sometimes you run up to dirt-cheap articles. You buy them and find out they're written in such horrible english that it hurts to read them. Have you just wasted your money? No, you can use these articles as the basis for your own articles. All you need to do is rewrite those articles and you've got unique and factual articles. You just saved yourself hours of research!

Here's a thought, Use it.

You can use the information in those plr articles for yourself and use the information in it. Especially when it's information related to your personal or business life.


I can't think of any other ways of using plr-articles at the moment.
Will try to add more if I can come up with "new" ways

If you know of other ways of using them, feel free to share them with the rest of us.

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    That is an interesting list and a newbie will love some of those ideas.

    Kind regards

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    Originally Posted by Snappinn View Post

    I will use them to make a PDF file and than share them on Slideshare, Scribd to let people know of my website
    glad to have helped a bit :-)


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    It's amazing what PLR articles can do for us... thanks for the great list. I love the sleideshare idea though...
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      Originally Posted by Sven Schoene View Post

      Ok Jobic, that list is absolutely ridiculous!
      glad you liked it, took me a while to write


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