Best source for free plr articles?

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For some of my blogs i need some plr articles.
Can you tell me the best sources to get free plr articles?

Thanks in advance

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    free plr articles, well you could go to ezinearticles and rewrite those articles.

    I wouldn't use free plr articles for your blog, since they'll most likely be spread across the entire web. You can find cheap plr articles, pretty much everywhere, which will be just a bit better then any free ones you may find.

    just a thought though


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    If you want, I can take a look on my computer too. I have a large folder with free plr articles (and paid ones I have rights to give away) where I can look in. Just send me your niche through a PM and I'll see what I can come up with.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    I would have a look on the wso as i have picked up some great ones from on there.

    kind regards

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      Originally Posted by jobic View Post

      free plr articles, well you could go to ezinearticles and rewrite those articles.
      You could also go to your local library, borrow the Harry Potter books and rewrite them. Let us know how that works out for you. That is, if you can still afford Internet access after J.K. Rowling's lawyers are finished with you.

      What you're proposing is the same thing.

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    Same here. I have loads in my computer that I can pass you if they meet your niche needs. Just PM me.

    Aside from that, you can always go to article directories and rewrite the articles there.
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    Hey Richard - I have a load of plr articles if you want to PM me the niches and I will take a look

    Edward James
    Author of The Secrets Of Becoming Rich!
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    I remember that on the DigitalPoint forums you can find tons of them on the freebies section. While they are free, some list building newbies are asking for your name and your email, so be sure to register a new email account at gmail or anywhere else and use it for your needs.

    Mike G
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