Newbies mastermind! Maybe a senior warrior might be able to chime in too?

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Hi all!

Look I'm very new around here in terms of posting but have been around (lurking like a weirdo) for a while. I'm looking to start a group of newbies and maybe a senior member or two(if they can stand us) to create a mastermind sort of thing maybe starting with a private Facebook or yahoo group and see where it takes us. I just know I want to connect with similar energised people who what to make it in the IM scene, help each other, give eachother feedback and maybe help eachother take action, without any worries. Maybe a small group of 5-10? Or less maybe ?

Please let me know if you are interested at all and if anyone is I'll create a group and maybe we could workout a framework that suits us....
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    sounds good, i'm in
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      Originally Posted by bukit View Post

      sounds good, i'm in
      Awesome!! Pm me and I'll try and work out how to get this thing all started and set up before the new year! Maybe we can have our first Google hangout or groups Skype in early january😃 I have had another couple of newbies pm me a swell so we might even actually have a groups starting to form!
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    I'd love to join, but if no experienced IMarketer steps in, I don't see that it could be useful, it could even hurt
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    I'm very much at the beginner stage of IM and would be very interested!
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    Hi all! Wonderfull to hear that you might be keen. What I would like for the group is to share ideas and knowledge in and out of IM workshop, give honest feedback, help with each others reviews and or testimonials, keep eachother heading towards the goals we have, share the ups and downs and more than anything support eachother! I don't think that can be bad!! Plus we will try to get a senior warrior even if it's not right away! Keep plugging everyone!
    If you are serious send me a pm and We can go from there!
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