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I am curious if you want to start building a list where is everyone placing the files for the Free Gifts etc... I am a bit unsure if I should trust
Google Drive?
File Factory seems promising.
Any one have experiences to share?
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    If you have your own hosting, you should be able to upload your files via FTP and host them there, rather than on a third party site where you have no control. Most web hosting is very cheap so you could easily get a hosting plan with no issues, whatever your budget.
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    I use Amazon S3 and MediaFire.

    Both are cheap and reliable.
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    I agree with seoboyz01 if it is for business do not store data "in the cloud".
    You should take a dedicated server and put your stuff on it.
    I'll go further you should take a server in a place you can physically reach.
    In some case it might be important according to laws.
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    Amazon s3 is good but not free.
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    Amazon s3 works well. I have seen a few offers using Dropbox as the delivery service.
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    why not use amazon s3 ? they offer free trial 1 year for new member...
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    Take a look at OneDrive. You get 15GB free and if you want more space you can upgrade.
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    Thanks everyone I had forgot about Amazon S3 the others I dont like as much because I have seen people lose their Drop box for it getting hit so much and then it also makes it open to sharing and not paying---Im still learning about File Factory but it appears you can password protect stuff

    Happy new Year 2019

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    My vote goes for Dropbox, good service i can recommend.

    But Amazon is also good from what i hear, haven't used their service though, but a lot of people recommend it.
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