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by charco
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So I plumped for EMP (as in the title)

Things seemed ok at first, but the program prompted me to do an update as it said that I was running a previous version. I checked and it was the latest version.

No real problem there. I had a little trouble with the cron jobs but I figured that I could sort that out later. I wanted to protect the relevant folders so I tried it and couldn't.

However, when I tried to contact support I was informed that my registration key was outdated and that I didn't qualify for support without paying another 57 dollars.

There are no contact numbers for support, no support ticket is possible without a correct registration key (which I am told I don't have). So no way to contact anyone to help.

The person behind the software is Kim Standerline, who has curiously posted a blog saying that the thing that she hates most is people buying software and then asking for money back (buyer's remorse).

If I get no support for this product I will be doing just that.

Caveat Emptor.
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  • Sounds like another total scam? Where did you purchase it? If somewhere like Clickbank, report the vendor making a complaint. If from a website then basically your chances of getting a refund are down to the honesty or lack of the site owner?

    Don't give up until they refund your money. Say you will to take legal action and to post hundreds of "don't buy this scam" using blogs and You Tube videos about them if they refuse?

    Stephen and Jennifer.
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      This really isn't the venue for posting your complaints about a product, a Warrior, or a support issue. There is a section for posting product reviews and ratings. Support issues is not a topic of discussion for this main Warrior Forum. Ditto for calling someone out by name.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Lol, EMP constantly goes through revisions. I have it myself and there have been numerous updates requiring downloading of the revision. As for Kim, I don't know if she is still involved with EMP, though I could be wrong. My two sense.
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