How can I get the most articles out on the internet as possible fast?

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I am starting an affiliate campaign dealing with acne. I have a blog up with ten articles and I posted them all on ezinearticles and I'm waiting for them to pass.

Is there a program that will post my 10 articles to sites like squidoo,goarticles,etc.

Should I outsource?

Can I do it myself quickly?

I would like to have a thousand backlinks to my site by next week. I'll throw some video with trafficgeyser probably too.

Here is my blog so far. Best Home Remedies for Acne
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    You can use to submit your articles to many of the top article directories. However, they take about a week to approve. Also, submits your articles to content publishers and article directories. I'm not sure how long they take.
    But these are two good services. You should check them out.

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      I would like to have a thousand backlinks to my site by next week. I'll throw some video with trafficgeyser probably too.
      In my opinion, that's too much....too fast.

      Sites are best developed with a steady increase in links, content and traffic. Pushing too hard can hurt your site rather than help it. Building a squidoo lens is a good idea, as is adding videos to YouTube and submitting articles to multiple directories.

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    I have to agree with Kay... It is best to add your backlinks slowly. Unfortunately starting new sites can be slow to start but can be very rewarding down the road.
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    I would also, to help your rating for google, stagger your posts on your blog. Although it is great that you have 10 post written for your blog already it is better to stagger them every 2-3 days. You should be able to automate this so it will automatically post every 2-3 days. This ensures you have fresh content and gives the google "bots" a reason to come back to your site.

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    Yeah I'd be really surprised if your site isn't sent to Google oblivion if you try and put 1000's of links to your site in one week.

    Google know that getting that many links in short period of time isn't natural.

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