I Need Help Writing Articles - LOTS Of Them, Big Business...

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Hey Warriors,

If you are fast, and can write good articles... I have a lot of business
I'm looking to do right now.

My article partners are currently overloaded with our work, I have about
300 articles on stand buy, and looking to work with some new partners.

If you'd like to get some business then send me a PM.

I'm looking for article rates around $4-$5 an article, and less on re writes.

We're basically writing 10 unique articles for 10 keywords, and 2 re writes
for the uniques. The re writes are same thing exactly said, just switched up.

And like I said, if we do good work together I have HUNDREDS more articles
where this came from and looking to establish long term relationships with
content writers of all sorts.

Shoot me a pm, and we'll speak soon!

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