Help!!! We are scaling up fast!

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An associate of mine runs a consulting business in which he charges $150 per hour and has advertised just on craigslist the past few years and has kept himself very busy. He is now in the process of bringing on 10 consultants (already has 5) to grow his business 10 fold.

I have sample tested on craigslist and the response rate is good.

I want to stick with Craigslist for the time being. I am charged with generating leads and converting these people into customers.

I want to roll out maybe 20-30 craigtslist adds per day across different cities.

He is in the proccess of creating 50 different ads for my disposal.

I have 2 Phone Verrified accounts myself.

The goal is to have 30 ads per day and have the prospect reply by email and have them all end up at one email address. Whether we advertise the same address in each email or if we create 10 addresses and have them forward to one (Whatever works best).

Anyone have some good insight to share?

I want 30 ads up today!!

I can probably post 6 with the accounts I have maybe more. I have never done the image trick (Where the ad is an image as oppoised to Text) which may help me generate more.

Thanks!!! This market seems HOT! and I need to be up an running ASAP
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    Is it worthwhile to investigate someone posting these for me?

    Any referal on where I can buy craigslist phone verified accounts?

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      There's a WSO offering exactly what you need. I'd start there.

      Also check out TOR. It changes your IP address. Finally I'd use multiple free emails and post a different ad in each city.

      And if you really want to automate this, I'd find a VA to do if for you. It'd only cost maybe $6 a day tops, but it would save you an hour or two each day.
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