Paypal no longer support Payoneer!

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Paypal are no longer supporting Payoneer! and here's a reply from paypal about this:

Since June 10, 2014 it is no longer possible to add Payoneer to PayPal account. As stated in the terms and conditions of this service American payment, Payoneer accounts are not bank accounts and so you can not add them to your PayPal account.
Does anyone have an alternative to withdraw money from Paypal? There was so so many people depending on payoneer to withdraw from paypal and now it's all gone

Please share your opinion!
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    Strange thing. I've withdrawed money to my payoneer account nearly 1 week ago with no problem.
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      ddev, Where are you based?

      Originally Posted by ddev View Post

      Strange thing. I've withdrawed money to my payoneer account nearly 1 week ago with no problem.

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    Argentina. Maybe i didn't get that msg because my account was already added (don't remember if i'll have to add it again in the future - if it expires or not).

    How was your experience? Was this one your first time adding it?
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    Actually, I haven't added it yet, i was just about to purchase the payoneer card but i saw the above reply from paypal in a thread in payoneer's website and also so many similar threads talking about the same topic.

    So i didn't want to risk paying $60 for the card shipping to finally discover that i can't withdraw with it from paypal. But anyway i am glad that it works with you maybe i take the risk and try.

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    See this post for example:

    PayPal No-longer Accepting Payoneer - Payoneer Community

    and here's a quote from it if you don't want to click the link:

    Mr. XXXXXX, I can see that your bank account was processed through Payoneer. Please be advised that we just had an update that effective immediately, as a security measure, we will no longer process transactions to bank accounts from Payoneer regardless of the country the customer resides in. This must be the reason that you were getting an error message when in you tried to withdraw funds.

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    Why not link your bank account to your Paypal account to withdraw your earnings?
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    I would recommend hooking your pay-pal up direct to a banking account.
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    For Non-US people, that's not possible (or too complicated). Payoneer solved that with US virtual bank accounts.
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    As of today, Payoneer is still including instructions on how to add Payoneer to Paypal so you may want to ask Payoneer directly what the real deal is.

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    The problem is payoneer don't want to admit that paypal not supporting it anymore because as you know a lot of people already withdrawing using it, so it will lose a very big chunk of profit, that's just what i think but if paypal still supporting it then it's a good thing!

    Anyway i have found another way to withdraw my money i will give it a try and post back here.

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    Maybe some representative from Payoneer can clarify what's going on with paypal? I think Nissim "Payoneer Representative" would tell us if paypal still support payoneer or not.

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    Hi SerpPower, i don't think that this is the best forum for this.

    Payoneer has a good forum where many users can help (you have lots of users and moderators that can help).

    Best Regards,

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    I called PayPal in Luxembourg and they confirmed cancellation of Payoneer Master Card. There is no way anymore to verify Payoneer on PayPal. They say it is security measure because Payoneer Master Card is not issued by the Bank. They also added that US Account of Payoneer is an virtual one. If Payoneer loses your money no one will be held responsible.
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